Cubase 11 rescan today and all preferences gone!

I have become increasingly fed up with the litany of minor issues and problems with Cubase 11. A rescan of plugins this afternoon set in train a whole set of annoying resets. All my colours have gone, my list of projects in the project assistant, many of my plugin locations, workspaces and control room etc.

This all on top of the the many other issues to do with crackles and noise with many plugins, cpu spiking, the disappearing tape head line…

This is a new i9 computer, set up by Inta Audio. God I am fed up!

doesnt make sense, re-scanning plugins wouldn’t affect the rest of preferences.

what else did you do?

I must have had a crash that I did not notice when shutting down because I can’t think of anything else. The only plus point is the huge number of projects in the project assistant have now gone, I hope this is not Steinberg’s preferred solution.