Cubase 11 RYZEN FUll Support for Next Versiyon V12

i recently bought Ryzen 5900X and it is an amazing processor,
AMD came like a german tank and destroyed the whole processor world they are amazing. I sold all my systems and installed ryzen.

In my plugin tests, MAAT EQ and ACUSTICA Audio usage several tracks, I saw the Samplitude pro give better support than Cubase. Samplitude CPu meter %4, CUbase Meter %15 Same plugins
cubase 11 sound engine sounds pretty good compared to previous versions. rightnow , i do all the mix with cubase because They’ve really improved the v11 sound

therefore I expect the ryzen processors to fully utilize the full power especially the V12 de cubase will hopefully perform as well as samlitude and reaper cubase in the future

same here with 3970x threadripper
having realtime peaks when I switch vst instruments on this great cpu with 32 cores
when it is switched no peaks any more while playing
it uses all 32 cores.

How much is the load balanced over those 32 cores, and what are your settings when seeing this (ASIO guard on/off, multi processor on/off, etc…)?

with cubase 11 it fully works.
you can check it with selecting a vst instrument and duplicate hundred times.
so you have e.g. 200 tracks with vst instrument each.
you mute one and another and see loadbalanced cpu , 32 cores no problem, until 100% load each.
Only windows MMCSS limit more threads at the moment. it is a limitation of windows.
Does not really matters if asio guard is on or off , also multithreading with 32 cores because of the limitation of windows.
but there is an issue with vst3 i think. Steinberg has to fix it as fast as possible. Reaper has not such a thing happen.
when you switch to another instrument there is realtime peaking. I have only recognized this with vst3 plugins from e.g. Native Instrument Komplete control.
You can not go better than my system is. Build data if you would like.

Sorry, I don’t understand what you’re saying.

Are you able to use all cores 100% or do you run into the MMCSS limit?

And are you talking about all threads at 100% or all cores?

ok to be clear:
32cores means with multithreading on 64threads theoretically possible
you are able to use the 32 cores to the max
that means also 32 threads
the other 32.threads are cut off by windows limitation

is this cutoff recognizable on 100% load ?
I would say no.
You can not go beyond 100%

Ok, this is likely not a problem when the CPU has enough cores and each core is fast enough, but it is a bummer when you have an 8-core CPU and half of the threads aren’t doing much. Load balancing has improved I think, but there actually was a patch created by a third-party computer vendor that put all threads to use, but as far as I know that patch never made it into either Cubase/Nuendo nor was it made public. It basically included a registry hack.

Anyway, it’s not Ryzen-specific (nor Threadripper) so it’s maybe not really something to ‘worry’ about for Ryzen owners, but instead for everyone with 8 cores and up (which by now is probably every new computer for DAWs).

Really wish Microsoft and Steinberg fixed this. Leaving performance on the floor is a bit unnecessary in 2021 I think.

I’m guessing it’s probably exactly the same.