Cubase 11 Sampler Track Crashes Program

Cubase 11 crashes every time a file is dragged into a sampler track.
In fact, I am unable to create a sampler track period.
It worked for a short while when first installed, so I know what the actual sampler panel should look like, but now the panel is incomplete and only shows a piano keyboard at the bottom - no other controls are visible.
When a file is dragged into the sampler control panel from the media bay, or anywhere else, of any description, the sampler control panel is dormant - and then after a few seconds it crashes the whole program.I have uninstalled, re-installed, ran as administrator, created a separate user in windows…etc etc etc… seen many posts about this issue, but there must be a solution.
I have seen endless requests for the *.dmp files, and ‘referred to Steinberg’ … but come on… what’s the solution??? I need to be able to use the full functionality of the software…
Has anyone else used a third party sampler with cubase 11 and been successful?
Is this a potential (although annoying) solution???


Are you using the latest version, 11.0.20?

Yes… the latest version

I am literally having the exact same issue. Whenever I drag an audio file into the Sampler editor Cubase crashes. Everytime

I’m trying the version 11 (11.0.20) in trial mode so I tested the sampler track news: yes, I’ve the same problem: every file dragged in sampler control panel crashes the program!
No solution.

There doesn’t seem to be a solution. This is an apparent flaw in Cubase that nobody is able to fix.
I have tried using a 3rd. party sampler vst and had a similar reaction.
The sampler in Cubase is a vital tool in today’s music, so not having reliable access to it is seriously diminishing the value of the software.
I have been a loyal customer for many years, but I am finally losing my patience with Steinberg.
Before anyone asks, yes, I’m using the latest version…
Clearly, I am not alone when it comes to this defect.
I have seen many other posts with the same concern.
There is a possible connection between Cubase and 3rd. party plugins, but everybody uses 3rd. party plugins.
Most of us can’t get our work done without them.

Please Steinberg … please, please, please fix this issue.

Out of curiosity, do you run Windows or Mac? Because for me, here on a Mac, the sampler track works fine for a change.

I have Windows 10; I had a problem with the last update Cub 10 with 10.5.30, so I sent a ticket; Eugenio Garrido, Steiberg teamer, helped me with the remote control on my pc but he didn’t solve the problem: maybe it’s up to Windows 10 (it’s the first time I have a problem with Steinberg product update); maybe the Cub 11 sampler control function doesn’t work well in Win 10, I don’t know …
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