Cubase 11 Sampler Track Crashes Program

Cubase 11 crashes every time a file is dragged into a sampler track.
In fact, I am unable to create a sampler track period.
It worked for a short while when first installed, so I know what the actual sampler panel should look like, but now the panel is incomplete and only shows a piano keyboard at the bottom - no other controls are visible.
When a file is dragged into the sampler control panel from the media bay, or anywhere else, of any description, the sampler control panel is dormant - and then after a few seconds it crashes the whole program.I have uninstalled, re-installed, ran as administrator, created a separate user in windows…etc etc etc… seen many posts about this issue, but there must be a solution.
I have seen endless requests for the *.dmp files, and ‘referred to Steinberg’ … but come on… what’s the solution??? I need to be able to use the full functionality of the software…
Has anyone else used a third party sampler with cubase 11 and been successful?
Is this a potential (although annoying) solution???


Are you using the latest version, 11.0.20?

Yes… the latest version

I am literally having the exact same issue. Whenever I drag an audio file into the Sampler editor Cubase crashes. Everytime

I’m trying the version 11 (11.0.20) in trial mode so I tested the sampler track news: yes, I’ve the same problem: every file dragged in sampler control panel crashes the program!
No solution.

There doesn’t seem to be a solution. This is an apparent flaw in Cubase that nobody is able to fix.
I have tried using a 3rd. party sampler vst and had a similar reaction.
The sampler in Cubase is a vital tool in today’s music, so not having reliable access to it is seriously diminishing the value of the software.
I have been a loyal customer for many years, but I am finally losing my patience with Steinberg.
Before anyone asks, yes, I’m using the latest version…
Clearly, I am not alone when it comes to this defect.
I have seen many other posts with the same concern.
There is a possible connection between Cubase and 3rd. party plugins, but everybody uses 3rd. party plugins.
Most of us can’t get our work done without them.

Please Steinberg … please, please, please fix this issue.

Out of curiosity, do you run Windows or Mac? Because for me, here on a Mac, the sampler track works fine for a change.

I have Windows 10; I had a problem with the last update Cub 10 with 10.5.30, so I sent a ticket; Eugenio Garrido, Steiberg teamer, helped me with the remote control on my pc but he didn’t solve the problem: maybe it’s up to Windows 10 (it’s the first time I have a problem with Steinberg product update); maybe the Cub 11 sampler control function doesn’t work well in Win 10, I don’t know …
We wait for replies!

Cub 11 Pro Sampler track doesn’t work on my pc: no solution …
Win 10, intel i7 7700k, 32 DDR.
I don’t buy the upgrade.

I installed the 11.0.30 trial version: same issue, Cubase crashes if I drag every files in sampler track.

Hey, could you please upload a crash log for our team to look at?


Same thing here… latest update did not resolve the issue…

Here some of these but for Cubase 10.5 only:

Cubase 64bit 2020.2.22 (3.1 MB)
Cubase 64bit 2021.2.13 (914.5 KB)
Cubase 64bit 2021.2.11 (946.9 KB)
Cubase 64bit 2021.2.6 (883.8 KB)
Cubase 64bit 2021.3.13 (933.4 KB)
Cubase 64bit 2020.7.12 15.45.dmp (825.3 KB)
Cubase 64bit 2020.5.12 (2.4 MB).

I can’t find the dmp file 10.5.30 failed installation and the dmp files about drop files in the Sampler Track for the Cubase Pro 11 version …

I would need Cubase 11 crash logs. Can you please try to reproduce the issue in C11?

No crashes log, I wrote about. Where are those ones??? The directory is the same as 10.05.
I solved the problem: it’s up to a third part plugin: now I must to find that.
Update: find a dmp file about Arcade Output vst; I made a rescan and Cub crashed; after run again, appear this dmp file, Arcade guilty:
Cubase 64bit 2021.6.30 (965.2 KB).

But no trace dmp files when I drag a files in the Sample track :flushed: :flushed: :flushed:

Hi Matthias, i found sometimes SamplerTrack crush when i popup it by keycommand - Edit VST instrument
Cubase gives me Error window, but continue to work

Any solution here folks? Cubase 11 (latest update 11.0.41) crashing every time I drag an audio file into sampler track.

I currently upgradet from 10.5 pro to 11 pro (newst update Version 11.0.41) and I habe the same Problem. Cubase crashes everytime I load a track into the Track Editor …

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Cubase 11. Fresh install. All cubase soundbanks missing. Crashes when I place audio into sampler track. I’m sorry but this programme is getting worse after every update. Thinking if moving on now. Its always something.

Experiencing the same thing on Windows 10. The sampler track is just crashing Cubase 11 without notice. Uninstalled every third party plugin and still nothing.
Besides that, Cubase 11 is not responding everytime I load it up - needs an end task and then it could actually load.

Super buggy version that makes it impossible to even want to use it.