Cubase 11 Send Automation - 'Global' Read "R" and Write "W" Buttons


I’m not entirely certain that the following is not ‘by design’ … however, if it is, I cannot understand why it should be the case!

I have Projects where the Send levels and status of the Sends are automated (doesn’t everyone?). However, if I try to turn this automation on or off (i.e. enable “R” Read for a specific Send, then ALL of the Send automation for that Track is subsequently enabled.

Given that (in this instance) I am trying to compare 2 different long-tail reverbs (which are IN ADDITION to other effects on that track), I only need one or the other reverbs being Read enabled at any point in time, not both! Yup, I know that there are relatively simple workarounds for this particular issue, but it does seem somewhat perplexing that, given the granularity of so much else within Cubase, Send automation appears to be a ‘global’ parameter on a per-track basis (despite each Send having their own “R” and “W” buttons).

Perhaps it’s me and I’ve inadvertently set up something wrong in my Preferences(?).

Thoughts / ideas / comments welcomed and encouraged…


Edit: PS I’ve just checked and it would appear that it’s the same mechanism in v10 too, so either it’s an intentional ‘feature’ or I need to alter my Preferences.