Cubase 11 Stability

Working more than 10+ years on Cubase, Cubase 11 seems to be by far the most reliable and stable DAW I’ve ever used on Windows 10 64bit (RME Interface).
My movie projects can get extremely big but it seems to extremely rarely corrupt things (although it becomes a bit slow GUI when ASIO load is over 90%)
Whats your experience with it ?
Cheers, lokotus


I am doing well with C11. I have very occasional instability, usually caused by a third VSTi or two that I like to use, but I know are a bit flaky. I tend to freeze them asap. The only other issues I have had are related to hard drives on my (2013 built) system. I have had both on SSD and HDD a rare accessing problem which jams the audio stream for a couple of seconds, but then clears and doesn’t result in a Cubase crash. I don’t think this is Cubase related, rather Microsoft or system. It open happens every couple of weeks unpredictably and is a nuisance. I am a daily user, but not generally with enormous templates. For example, the mix I have just completed is 68 channels, mainly audio, but with a few VSTis

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