Cubase 11 stalls briefly when arming track (GUI and audio)

When I am playing back and select a channel to record on (which would usually arm the channel for record as well) the GUI freezes briefly (about half a second… and then continues. )

Whe you disarm, the same happens.

Also I notice the audio goes silent as well (any reverb is NOT heard which suggests the core audio is being interupted - the transport carries on ‘in the background’ because when it unfreezes the time catches up to where it ought to be, it didn;'t stall.

I use VEPro, and a quick bit of investigation -
This does not happen if I arm an audio record track, and if I start create a new midi or instrument track, it works OK as well - so it’s either the fact that I’m using a rack instrument or the VEPro itself.

I have never had this behaviour in any previous incarnation of Cubase, and if I open the same file in Cubase 10.5 it doesn’t do this.

It’s very irritating when in the middle of a big project , trying to punch record in or whatever -

Anyone else had this?

Sounds frustrating! I’m not having that issue here, on Beta 3.

Same issue here: when playing the project, when i arm an audio track, all audio stops. Audio resumes when track actually is armed. I had to switch off auto-arm when selecting an audio track to avoid is as much as possible because it’s embarrassing when you are tracking with a client.
I already tested this on multiple systems with different asio hardware and i got the same result each time. Even with only 2 audio tracks and no plugins.
This issue appeared in 11.0.20, did not have this before that version.