Cubase 11 stock plugin list?

Hi! is there a place to see the stocking plugins list? I noticed there is a lot I havnt tested and lost with my bunch of bought plugins

here you find the effects also the virtual instruments,
For the effects, you need to click on “load more” many times, there is a lot of those nuggets :wink:

See Plug-in Reference section. 241 page PDF for your enjoyment!

The VST Plugin Manager lets you look at all plugins by vendor as well if you want to go over them in the actual software. You can also sort by vendor when creating inserts (little top right hand arrow next to the search field).

I can only see other vendors, however cubase plugins does not appears under “steinberg” vendor… or am I missing something?

set your list to standard then you can select the vendor view and there should be all stock plug-ins under Steinberg


this is great! I was expecting to find a real time pitch-shift in that pitch tools section, I wonder why having some amazing tools there is not a classic one as a real time pitch shift, nowadays all daws have one natively