Cubase 11 - Terrible visuals and bugs

Bugs with Cubase 11

I just upgraded from Cubase 10 to 11 and to say I’m disappointed with the visual changes, is an understatment.

  1. I know that some people prefer the flat look of the events…not me. That gradient was really pleasing in 10 and I would really like the option to have it back.

  2. The colour when selecting an event is now different, especially when clicking an event with the standard audio grey colour. It used to be a dark grey and now it’s a dark blue for some reason. It’s sounds minor but it’s quite distracting as it’s so different from the background colour. There’s also no way of changing the highlight colour.

  3. When turning on ‘Snap to Zero’, ‘Snap to Grid’ ‘Suspend All Channel Linking’, ‘Absolute Mode’, ‘Q-Link’, ‘On and Bypass’ and ‘Read’ buttons of plugins the button flashes as opposed to being instantly on. All other buttons seems to be fine.

  4. The transport buttons (cycle, stop, play, record, etc) are a lighter grey than the rest of the buttons on the transport bar. Why??? Just keep things consistent.

  5. The labels at the bottom of the mixer channels are less easy to read with the white lettering. The darker coloured background with the lighter coloured bar underneath feels really cluttered. This was much clearer in Cubase 10 with a solid colour and the black lettering over the top.

  6. The all grey CPU meter is not as useful as a coloured gradient.

  7. The icons for cue mixes and monitors in the connections window look terrible with the thick outline. All of these thicker outlined icons and buttons look cheap.

  8. The new setup inspector button is less clear, less interactive and is further away from the main project area. More mouse movement for no reason.

  9. The on/off and bypass buttons on plugins have this cheap looking thicker outline. The previous amber colour of the bypass on button has gone and now we have this flat version. Much less impactful and clear.

  10. The ‘Set Visibility Agents’ button is so distracting when on. In a sea of dark grey, that little orange icon is so annoying. It will almost always be on as well, since I generally hide at least 1 track in a session. We need the option to remove this like we can in the Window Layout.

  11. Why does the MultiTap Delay plugin not follow the same GUI colourway as the rest of the stock plugins? The ‘A/B’ button on this plugin is massively delayed when clicking it.

  12. When clicking on ‘Chord Pads’ or certain items listed under ‘Remote Devices’ in Studio Setup, the Status Line is displayed. I usually have this hidden, so why would clicking on something unrelated force it to be displayed?

  13. The black circle in the record button icon is off center - Lazy!

  14. The keyboard in the piano roll is darker and less user friendly, especially for locating the white keys. I feel everything is getting darker in Cubase… calm down with the dark colours already!

All in all, this is the worst update in terms of visuals since Cubase 8. Such a shame as there are some great new feautures in C11. This will be the first time in 15 years of using Cubase that I don’t upgrade. Hopefully the visuals are better in Cubase 12!