Cubase 11 track colour bug

Sometimes when i try to colour a few selected tracks, it doesn’t work. Either the audio clip gets coloured, or nothing happens. Is this a bug or am i doing something wrong? I am trying in the edit window.

It works as expected, here, using the Select color fror selected tracks or events tool from the arrange view.

So, I suspect that there is something fishy in your Preferences settings, more precisely the Defaults.xml file, as AFAIK, it is the one that keep the color settings. I would rename it and try to relaunch Cubase : a new one would then be created, with reset default parameters. More informations here…

I noticed this as well, I think there changed something in the handling of this…

If any Audio Events or Parts; MIDI Parts, Markers, Chord Events or… you get the idea - if anything you can Select in the Project Window is Selected then that is what will get colored.

If nothing in the Project Window is selected then the Selected Track will get colored.

It is super easy to have something Selected yet think you don’t. And then you end up wondering under what circumstances a bass Part was turned blue.