Cubase 11 trial, having to reinstall prior versions after trial?

I am currently on cubase pro 10. I just downloaded the 11 trial. I noticed a warning at the bottom of the page saying the following:

“Please notice: If you already have Cubase 10.5 or an earlier version installed, you will be required to re-install your version after the Cubase 11 trial period has expired and a permanent license for Cubase 11 hasn’t been activated.”

I must have misunderstood this surely? normally the trial version installs alongside your current version, with your current version available to use at any point during or after the trial. now they’re saying you would have to reinstall your previous version if you don’t go ahead with the upgrade after the trial ends?

Ya this has me a bit confused too. I actually have the download link and code for trial, but I’m weary of a total reinstall of 10.5 and some projects not working etc. This seems odd as usually both can be installed at the same time. Weird

nobody came back with any input on this, so I went ahead and installed. so far it looks like any other cubase trial I’ve done in the past - previous version still available. I can’t see why that shouldn’t still be the case when the version 11 trial ends? maybe it’s just a weirdly worded thing on the website.

I’ve installed cubase 11 trial and I’m using it next to cubase 10.5 no problem…