Cubase 11 Trial won't show Steinberg UR22 as interface

Hi, I’m trying out Cubase 11 Elements (27 days left!), I have used Cubase 4 and 6 in the past, and never had soundcard troubles before (switching between ASIO and UR22). I’m using Windows 10, 12 Gig Ram, SSD HD, with a UR22mkII audio interface. In Studio Setup, Audio System, in drop down box I cannot get C 11 to show my Steinberg UR22 interface, it shows only “No Driver” or “Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver”, I have the UR22 showing up everywhere else in/outs, Port System Names etc. Should I delete the Steinberg G L L ASIO driver in the Control Panel? Thanks in advance for any clarity on this more than wee problem.

Did you install the driver?

Not specifically, but never had to before. I tried the link on your reply but that is a Macintosh driver download and as such won’t work on my Win10 sys. But you’ve made me think there is a Steinberg driver out there to download; there was no mention of having to do any of this with the Trial version. Thanks

Or maybe not all Mac as I first thought, it looks like this might be a good path to follow.

It says go to the .exe file in the download, there was no exe in my download. Steinberg also says to go to File → Preferences for some Audio set up, there is no Preferences under File in this Trial version. I’m beginning to understand why it is called a “trial”,.

Hey misohoza, I followed through to the end and bingo, the Yamaha ASIO driver installation allows me to use my UR22II interface, Great advice and link. JC

That’s great to hear.