Cubase 11 - upgrading from 7.5 onto a new PC

I’ve been happily chugging along using Cubase 7.5 for the past 7 years. I have just bought a new higher spec PC and am considering upgrading to Cubase 11 (costing me £136 according to the Steinberg shop.)

I haven’t installed 7.5 (boxed with dongle) on the new PC yet. Would you advise downloading and installing Cubase 11 on this (my old) PC first? Or can I just download Cubase 11 onto the new PC and plug the dongle in and upgrade that way? Slightly unsure what to do at the moment! Would appreciate any advice.



hi Adam

there is no reason to install C11 on the old PC - if the dongle has a cubase 7.5 licence on it then that’s all the matters. You can do the upgrade on the new PC just fine. :+1:

Hi Dr Strangelove thanks for the quick response.

That keeps it simple!. I’ll download the elicencer software onto the new PC then plug in and download Cubase 11.



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great - if you have any issues getting the licence installed and working then please post back - Steinberg have been issuing ‘download codes’ rather than ‘activation codes’ and that’s been tripping a few people up (they are not the same!)