Cubase 11 weird UI Glitches on Steinberg plugins

Hey everyone,

I’m getting this weird UI glitch in Groove Agent and in Retrologue and it doesn’t let me change any of the knobs under the glitchy bits. Anyone have this happen?

Do you think it might be a graphics card issue or graphics setting perhaps? Can you optimise it for perfomance?

I can see you’re on a Mac. Is it a laptop?


The strange thing is I have seen this glitch with LFO tool plugin and after I updated it to the most recent version it was fixed. I’m also on an iMac and not a macbook pro so there’s no graphics switching.

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There was an update that fixed graphical issues:-

Make sure you’re on the latest update.

Update of Cubase? I’m on the latest. 11.0.20

You also need to update those two plugins, they are separate downloads in the Download assistant these days, under the Cubase category too.

And I think it is unacceptable to release a major version with clearly visible issues like this. These are not super specific bugs that only occur under rare conditions. Two major instrument plugins that are from Steinberg and included with Cubase were a graphical mess for Mac users at release. And everyone who would simply use it on a Mac could see these issues. Steinberg decided to throw the release out anyway.

ah! I forgot that was a thing! That fixed retrologue… i don’t see a listing for Groove Agent SE though… only Groove Agent… is that something I can’t update through the Download Assistant?

There was a similar issue for windows users whereby the mixer and plugin windows would offset with a white border on one side and it was really annoying.

But I think it only become evident after a windows update which existed AFTER the the testing phase. That’s the problem, you just don’t know how long a release has been approved before it see’s the light of day for public consumption.

MacOS has definitely been the most rocky path the past few years, but you’d hope the foundations for transition into new hardware has been invested up front by Apple (i.e. they’ve already broken most of the eggs) and things will start to smooth out now.

I just fail to believe that bugs like that were evident before release.

Make sure you look inside the Cubase 11 category, not the Cubase update category.

That was it! All good now! Thank you!
Strange they included retrologue and Groove Agent in plugins but not Groove Agent SE

The reason behind this is, that SE versions are bundled with Cubase and as such under that category. The “full” plugins are separate products that you can purchase individually, so they get their own section in the Downloader.

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