Cubase 11: where is the musical mode

When I click on an audio event, I don’t see the musical/linear time for the event to edit as in C10.5. I have enabled the infoline. I am on the C11 trial version.
This is what it shows on the info line when I click on an event!

Where can I make the musical mode visible, please?


Thank you. I knew about this! However, my C11 doesn’t show the full list as yours!

But this image is an Audio Part… and the earlier info-line is for a selected event

I am sorry I meant audio events and not parts. Yes, the last image was for the part.

The image in my OP was for a temporary project I was working on. Just now, I loaded an audio loop and removed it. Now the musical mode is showing up for those audio events ( not showing in the image above)! I hope this doesn’t happen again.