Cubase 11 Win 10 GUI getting slower and slower and slower

to the point that I am wasting too much time working with the GUI instead of mixing / composing…
Anyone can help me out ? Cub and Nuendo the same. I have some orchestral instruments loaded inside Cubase (no VEP). Asio about 50%. Drawing, Playback Line, Everything workflow related is very, very slow. and getting slower. Now I think 8GB of Nvidia should be enough for this.
I have read things for years, Nvidia, AMD, whatever, there are certain DAWS on market who do not behave like this.
Any way to figure out what this is about ? Is it going to get fixed inside Cub12? I am really leaning towards working with another DAW cause is this not working well here…
Cheers, lokotus

Nothing ever gets fixed.

The idea that it is ~progressing~ though? To me this implies a system problem. Like some caches filling up or something… buut who knows. I would get your machine right. Though you could always try out Reaper- it is not a big financial risk.

I’m not seeing this problem. You don’t mention what computer or OS you have

Close to getting it solved: Cinematic Studio Strings running inside Kontakt, running inside Komplete Control = Extremely Slow GUI when playback.
When Cinematic Studio Strings is running directly inside Kontakt without Komplete Control everything feels fluid
Seems like Komplete Kontrol is the problem, although it is not much more CPU heavy according to the Asio Meter… Any Ideas ?