Cubase 11 with 2 dongles?

bjr, i have a cubase license and an associated dongle on my laptop. I had bought a second dongle to be able to use my DAW on my desktop PC in parallel without having to disconnect the dongle each time, which I always found fragile… but I can’t manage to set this up. I’m not sure if it’s possible or if I haven’t understood the method…

Please help me to set this up or tell me that it is not possible!
A bientôt… Thanks!

No, for the dongle it’s one license, one dongle. So you would have to buy a second license to accomplish what you’re asking.

Cubase 12, using the new licensing system which doesn’t use the dongle, allows you to have three computers running Cubase, and if you update from Cubase Pro 11, you keep the Cubase 11 license, for a total of four working installs of Cubase.

More info:

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