Cubase 11 with new Macbook Pro M1

Hi there,

i just bought a brand new Macbook Pro with the new M1 chip and i can’t seem to run Cubase 11 as it gives me weird graphics (mostly Pink). I understand Programs do not have M1 versions yet, but Logic and Ableton are both working fine in Rosetta 2.

What can i do to get C11 running?

Thanks in Advance

Currently, nothing. If you want to use Cubase on an M1 right now (I am), you’ll need to install 10.5 until Steinberg updates 11.


Thank you for your comment. But is this actually true? There is no way to run Cubase 11 on any of the New Macbooks?

There is no way to run Cubase 11 on MacOS Big Sur 11.1. You have to go with 10.5.

ok, that’s sad. i just paid 149€ for the update. when can we expect c11 to work on m1’s (rosetta or native)

Let’s hope that as soon as possible.

Logic Pro
As cubase was the best and only true native choice for Windows10 x64 intel, Logic Pro is made for m1 Mac and their updates are free