Cubase 11, would like to be able to easily move a note between events in key editor

I have two midi events open in key editor. I have the colors set up so I can tell which event a note belongs to. As I look at it, there are some notes I would like to move to the other event. I have not been able to find a quick way to do this. Cut and changing to the other part and pasting it does not put the note in its original place. I would love to be able to right click it and send it to a different event.

I note that when I select a note, its properties show up on the top line. Here would be a great place to put a new property–the event from a list of events currently open in the key editor.

If there is a way to do this, that would be great, otherwise a feature request. thanks.

Pasting in the Key Editor is always and only to the cursor location, so move the cursor to the selection start first.
then key commands (or combine them into a macro for a one-shortcut-key-command:

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Thanks for the answer. I just found out that alt+v is a paste at origin function, and it does exactly what I was looking for. So I consider this question answered.

Oh yeah – totally forgot that. :exploding_head: