Cubase 11

Yamaha are part of the MMA who designed MIDI 2.0 specs. So, we should be seeing more global controllers using these standards.

MIDI 2.0 is practically limitless when you consider that devices and software can share xml data across them. All Steinberg (and other DAW creators) need to do is create a hook for plugins and the DAW itself to communicate the .xml strings and there should be full parameter control and hardware feedback display as part of the standard.

Similar to Avid/EUCON control really, but baked into future hardware/software hopefully. If they go further into custom hardware, it’s just a waste of R&D (imo).

looks like steinberg from what i see,used to produce controller that best or exclusivly used for thier software,unlike presounus controllers for example that are somewhat more global although they go deeper with studio one.
anyway a good thought deep integration with cubase and 3rd party plugins controller whould be nice. of course they will benefit more if its also open and easy functional for other DWA

A very important function, always forgotten in Cubase: display the markers in all the MIDI editor!

I think there’s a lot of good ideas in the first post in this thread but stability is the critical factor that would get me off 10.0.

Too many people reported that 10.5 is less stable than 10.0.

Eliminate USB-eLicenser
Eliminate USB-eLicenser
Eliminate USB-eLicenser
Eliminate USB-eLicenser
Eliminate USB-eLicenser
Eliminate USB-eLicenser
Eliminate USB-eLicenser
Eliminate USB-eLicenser
that is archaic, annoying, for producers who live traveling and do not want to be aware of a USB.

@lovegames You would be surprised, how many people, but many (in my case we are 16) select a DAW for small details. Since the great details have been covered by MOST DAWs. I use FL Studio, and Ableton for electronic music, and I have several awards for production. So no less appreciate the little details that make a difference.

and please, gentlemen CUBASE remove USB-ELICENSER

Cubase is the DAW of details. Ironically, It needs to work less on small details, and more on foundational aspects and features.

Can’t you guys learn how to reply without quoting such huge blocks of text? Ridiculous.

+10.000 for proper Eucon!!!

Additional Cue Sends in Control Room would be helpful. At least 2

It is ridiculous that Cubase has still not incorporated multitrack warp. This has been a standard feature in most other DAW’s for nearly 10 years. This will be my last upgrade of Cubase if this is not addressed in the next release. I’m tired of playing for useless upgrades. BASICS Cubase…drummers need this feature. I’ve been loyal since SX3 days, and I’m ready to jump.

  • Add Scale Assistant in the VariAudio so we can also apply note scale features during the vocal pitch editing.

  • Channel Insert Chain Copy/Paste feature. In other words, copy paste for the entire channel insert chain. Despite of being able to do it KIND of like that just duplicating the channel, I got myself in situations which if I could copy paste the entire insert chain from a channel into another different channel would save tons of time.

  • Allow the possibility to undo the changes in the plugins. So for instance, if I go to a reverb VST and change the decay, I could undo (and see in the undo/redo history as well) using the main undo feature of the Cubase. This would be awesome for A/B comparison when we change lots of settings in different plugins and then do a A/B comparison through the undo history.