Cubase 11's signal flow?

Can anybody let me know what is Cubase 11’s signal flow?

Since Cubase 6 had no ‘Strip’ function, as far as I remember Cubase 6 used to go like below:
(1) Insert 1~6
(2) E.Q
(3) Pre-Send
(4) Volume Fader
(5) Insert 7~8
(6) Post-Send
(7) Master Out

But ‘Strip’ functions are added since the new version of Cubase, I have to note what’s the signal flow’s difference. Does anybody know about Cubase 11’s signal flow??
Please let me know!

Thanks in advance…


You can change the Insert/Channel Strip order in the Channel Settings Window, by using the icon in-between the Inserts and Strip.

And of course, you can change the order of the modules in the Strip itself.

You can also change the Pre/Post count of the Inserts, by the green line. So you can use even more Post-Fader Inserts now.