Cubase 12.0.10 maintenance update is now available

Even after the update, C12 still crashes on startup.


You know how it works: Please sent us the crash logs and we will have a look at it.

I opened a ticket for this to become a feature almost a year ago or so! Good to see they finally understood the issue with the file name always being mandatory! Hope it really works now as in other DAWs. Will check with my Cubase 12 Pro Trial version!

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Still the odd behaviour of in and output channels not being listed under the folder “Input/Output Channels” in the project view. Only if you enable Write or Global Write the added IOs show up. I don’t understand why it is done like this? Also the order cannot be changed in the mixer but in the project/track view. So the mixer is not following the track order for in and out channels.

The following issue is in Cubase since version 12, still in 12.0.10.
In audiowarp, my cursor is offset to the left from the warp point. So when i have the cursor exactly over a warp line and i click, a new warp line is created next to the one i want to drag.
Anyone recognize this issue?

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Exactly the same behaviour with some Roland VSTi like D-50:
Now it has the top banner with the quick control, but the plugin window opens wider than the plugin itself :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I actually just cried! I just don’t know what to say, I feel sick. Running in to constant WALLS, I just want to make some music! Please Steinberg fix the bugs! We’re not being paid to beta test for you!!!


I lost right click functionality in a project trying to fix the multiple notes recorded for a Nektar p6, not sure why so reloaded. Got a crash notice prescreen so here’s the file.

Cubase 64bit 2022.4.14 (670.2 KB)

it’s worth adding, nearly every time I load I’m seeing the prescreen, send to Steinberg!

Yo! I’m loving it! Mixing in Dolby Atmos now! No issues as of now. I checked the updater and the website almost every day since I upgraded to Cubase 12! I feel like a kid in a toy store and a mad scientist at the same time!

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Do click to send the file. They go into an automated system that delivers them to the dev team.

I am yes. thank you

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FF/Rewind continuous scroll on these button press is unfortunately NOT fixed in this release. Annoying. Was hoping that this would be addressed in the .10 update, but is saddened to note only that it remains still broken!!! Will continue to use only 11 for now until this is fixed or someone gives a nice work around. What I am happy about the 12 is that Spectral Layers, creates beautiful all stem tracks now, not just the vocal remover!!! And I am happy about this fix…

Yep, this is not fixed and is irritating is an understatement. It makes this DAW unusable!! BAD!

I wish these announcement posts would be immediately locked. They just turn into a mess of issues related posts for which people should create a new topic.

Sorry … just had to have a little rant about a personal annoyance.

Carry on! :grin:


Looks like all of the control oriented fixes are going to come later. Let’s give them some time after Easter/Imbolc break to get these things fixed.

In the mean time, you can map this to a control surface to get the behavior you are looking for.


Short update really.

After having a problem with the marker tracks (corrected it’s self now) All previously saved projects, Cubase 11 - 12etc now show the correct markers, though they are still in a random order - that’s not a problem, though very annoying, it’s easy to correct.

The VSTi window is still not displaying Spectrasonics Trilian and Omnisphere Properly, and I have a problem with Reason Rack in the vsti window only displaying half the display.

I’m presuming that these slight problems are to do with Spectrasonics and Propellerheads, and not Cubase 12.0.10. As all the other VSTi’s are behaving as expected.

Everything else I’ve used so far suggests a great update.


Artefacts are not fixed :frowning:


That is something which I doubt. Cubase 12 (Pro) still comes only with SpectralLayers One, which only features to unmix vocals and nothing else. It seems like you have another version of SL on your system.

I purchased Cubase Pro 12(update from 10.5) .But I can’t activate it.
The following is my activation process.
I open Steinberg Download Assistant and enter the DAC to upgrade my elicense.
Finally, it shows No License To Upgrade Selectable.
And when I opened the Steinberg Activation Manager.It shows the application error and the application cannot start normally(0xc000007b)
I don’t know which step I did in a wrong way.I need your help.