Cubase 12.0.10 maintenance update is now available

The Cubase 12.0.10 maintenance update is now available, and we are very happy to introduce Dolby Atmos for music, along with long-requested functionalities, improvements on stability, and performance, as well as a long list of fixes and corrections.

With the release of 12.0.10, we also made the Cubase Pro 12 trial available. The big news is that the trial doesn’t require the USB eLicenser anymore. Hence, there is no more reason not to try Cubase.

Please have a look at the release notes for further details.

If you are still experiencing performance issue with Cubase 12.0.10, please let us know in this thread: Cubase 12.0.10 - performance issues


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Looks a good update based on feedback I’ve seen here. Hopefully the performance issues help many people. Revealing the QC parameters at the top of the plugin window is a lot smoother now, I use that a lot so appreciated.

One thing though, what’s the issue with not allowing us pages/layers of quick controls? I posted this after C12 release and you can do it via the mouse (See my post here) - all we need is a command to do it from a controller?!

Please add this feature, as it would add a great deal to the MIDI Remote options - just seems a no brainer to me?


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NI instruments like Massive X and Super 8 now have the top banner, so you can open the quick control view, and take snapshots (Camera icon). Didn’t see this listed in the fixes (?).

The plugin window opens wider than the plugin UI - But I’ll take that tradeoff/side effect (if that’s what it is). So thanks for this!


I realize this situation is a bit of a one off with a x.0.01, but it’s a pretty nice feeling getting new features in a patch… It wouldn’t be a terrible thing if it became a bit of a trend :stuck_out_tongue:


Option to hide file disk names in brackets on events!
Thank You :heart_eyes:


My Transport buttons do not work as expected in Cubase 12. And it has not been solved in this update.
With the cc121 it works as it should be, but not the software buttons in the Transport bar. When I click fast forward or rewind and release the button, it doesn’t stop and keeps moving until I hit the stop button. As said, with the cc121 it works fine as it has in Cubase 11.
Is this issue a known one, or a new issue to Steinberg?

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Hello, that is discussed here:

please Steinberg add this features

  • Log history like Wavelab
  • real resizing mix console like others DAWs
    -flip the track from mono to stereo with one button like studio one
    -more than 4 control room cues the other DAWs is unlimited,
    -option to turn off mouse scroll wheel changing mixer values
    -some windows , menus and buttons in --old GUI need to redesign,
  • pin the VST plugins/instrument window (always on the top)
  • drag and drop like studio one if u have event in studio one u can drag it in the loop section
    -Linear fashion (Clip launcher Logic, Show Page studio one)
    -also global mixer template + settings :
    (-rack visibility
    -rack settings
    -channel type visibility
    -channel width and rack height settings)

@Matthias_Quellmann thank u


All my marker tracks have disappeared from previous projects. All worked fine from Cubase 11 to 12. Now with 12.0.10 all have disappeared.

Any answers

If not is it possible to be able to roll back to 12


Strange things afoot.

All markers have come back on. in a random order - corrected those- Spectrasonics trilian and omnisphere not fitting vsti window. Others I’ve tried are ok.

Possible teething problems (hopefully) - going to be running it for another 24 hours


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Freeze Multiple tracks with a key command! Works perfectly. Thank you, thank, thank you! :heart_eyes:


@Matthias_Quellmann Can you explain what “Zoom and scroll with trackpad, magic mouse and mouse wheel are now consistent with the macOS settings.” is supposed to do?

Using pinch to zoom or other trackpad gestures does not work in Cubase 12.0.10


It’s just about the direction of the gesture and the zoom direction.

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If all the functions that are in the interface have not been added to the hotkey menu and if standard controllers from Channel Settings have not been added to Generic Remote, then this update does not make sense to me. Everything I need for daily work is already in version 11.

Broke the audio editor window, it keeps forgetting which panel was open and opens collapsed, very annoying to keep having to open say the left pane to actually be able to edit audio.