Enable VSTi layer change to function list

Is it possible we could please have the option to control the quick control layer via the MIDI API?

i.e. for instruments you get the first 8 quick control parameters.

And if you change the layer to Page 2 (using a mouse) it updates the focus QC to the next 8 of controls, which is brilliant:-

However, there’s no option to map that layer change function to a controller, so you have to use a mouse to move between pages.

This is the current functions available:-

If we could have “Next QC Layer” and “Prev QC Layer” added to that list, it would really enhance the system as a whole.

Many thanks! :slight_smile:


Great request :wink:

good idea!

Frustrating that this hasn’t been picked up.
Replying to bump it up the list incase the “trick” to swap quick control pages on VSTi’s helps anyone who would like this kind of functionality.