Cubase 12.0.10 pops this screen

Cubase 12.0.10 pops this screen

Just continue. It is because it crashed or froze previously.

If it happens again try the safe option. (The one below what is currently selected).

it loads, then crashes on quit. In fact it will not quit at all except for using task manager,

See above

There is a long thread/discussion on this same issue at Cubase Pro 12 This application was terminated with an error on each shutdown?. You may want to chime in there. I’ve been seeing this same issue since updating to Cubase 12. With 12.0.0, there usually wasn’t an actual hang on exiting Cubase, but the message would pop up, nevertheless, on the next start. With 12.0.10, however, Cubase is usually hanging on exit, and I have to end up killing it with Task Manager.



Could you attach the mentioned *.dmp file, please?