Cubase 12.0.10 waiting a long time trying to open "edit instrument" on the VST Instrument

Now Cubase 12.0.10 wait at least 30 seconds when trying to open the edit instrument button on the VST instrument panel.
Going back to Cubase 12.0 and the problem is gone.
I hope this is not going to be one of these “NEW FEATURES” that are never going back to normal.
This is completely annoying having to wait anytime that I want to open or edit an instrument. not possible to work like this. :-/

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Hey @franbeck, I noticed a very similar thing with Pianoteq 6, both in 12 and 12.0.10. In my case the plug-in takes a little while more to load than in 11, but nowhere near 30 seconds. The interesting thing is that closing the plugin leaves a black window in place for quite a while (longer than the time it took to load it). When it finally closes, everything from then on works ok. Each subsequent “edit instrument” toggle is instantaneous.

I know this doesn’t help you in the least. I just posted so that you know that you’re not alone. :laughing:

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in my case I’m working with big templates using Vienna ensemble server as instrument.
all the “edit instruments” are having the same behavior. but as soon as I went back to 12.0 the problem is gone.

thanks for your replay

in my case it takes about 10 seconds in Cubase Elements 12.0.10 to open the Instrument GUI, opposed to instantaneous in Cubase 11.

Cubase Elements 12.0.10 takes long to open VEP7 Instrument GUI

I did not notice this with other Instruments, but I did not test a lot recently.


Same experience here… When I can actually get Cubase 12.0.10 to stand up that is… Which is a 50/50 proposition at this time.

Cannot get edit instruments to open in Cubase 12 version 40 and 50, very annoying