Cubase 12.0.20 maintenance update available

I had cubase artist 11 updated to 12 and have had so many issues with performance. I’ve changed my ram and montior resolution disabled start up programs and defraged my c: drive. I paid alot of money and Cubase 11 was great. But this last maintenance update in April didn’t achieve anything. Still the performance issues. The performance issues are so bad Im losing my will to be with Cubase. I love it but it’s totally let me down, I expected more from a top company. I will stay committed to Cubase please help us though. This is stopping creativity what you stand for.

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Thank you for checking. It happened many times, maybe due to my unorthodox monitor configuration, as described in the topic. It’s understandable that I’m the only person who has this problem :frowning:

This is a strange one if someone else can confirm, I have experimented with two audio devices, one USB 3 and the other Thunderbolt 3. I am getting spikes out of control but I found a way to calm it all down again for a while, I am using control room, so in the settings where it tells u to connect your outputs for control room, just disable and re-enable and the spikes go away and the session cpu monitor remains at a steady quarter bar as opposed to 3 quarters and sometimes clipping.
I have repeated it over and over again using two different audio devices (18i20 3rd gen / Quantum 2626).
12900k / 3090 / 64g DDR5 / Windows 11

The midi remote for the control room now has the volume working again
I have my own generic remote set up and this still works fine. I find it hard to believe there is no option in the midi remote editor to import and convert generic remote scripts. The generic remote was not perfect or easy but it worked and still works. Is it possible to actually list what changes you have made so we users know what you have fiddled with, Also the inability to roll back updates in the download assistant leaves us stuck with a broken update.

Well. Seem like the Steinberg HUB is making it crash. So when I open cubase 12 without internet connection it works…

That sounds very unusual. Could you please send me the crash log in a PM?

Thank you for the update. But still having issues with Spectralayers despite the note said is already fixed. Boucing several steam coming out from Spectralayers still no working as intended. (no Spectralayers one)


Ehm… Cant find the PM… using Chrome.

Is the 12.0.20 update cumulative?
Or should 12.0.10 be applied first and then 12.0.20?

It’s a full application. You don’t need to install 12.0.0 or the 12.0.10 first.

Thank you!

Still a lot of Graphic issues. Cubase its a very good daw with a lot of features but graphic and visual its really poor. The inspector for example could be like logic x without having to fold/unfold menus to get the things you want.

Cubase 12.0 didn’t have this annoying borders. Even Steinberg plugins have this issue now.


Hi @Gustavo_Dinis, the plug-in window issue will be solved with the next maintenance update.


Hi Matthias! Thanks for info. To be honest I even dont understand how issues like this could even be not fixed in beta testing? This empty space window issue is super annoying and if you open couple of those plugins its so much space are wasted and just have negative impact on workflow… I have bought upgrade from 11 Pro to 12 Pro first day it was released and to be honest I still work in 11, as 12 is just not possible to work for me right now with this mess with windows… Weird performance issues before, now those windows, I mean its already 2 months in release and still just not made this product at least as good as 11? I dont know, just wanted to rant here as how much I like 11 for its stability and ‘‘things just work as it should’’ and 12 is quiet opposite to this unfortunately…


Logical presets and Midi logical editor disappeared from Cubase Elements 12.0.20.

They were already gone from the Midi menu since the first version of Cubase 12, but now they are not available even from the Key command menu.

It is really difficult to understand how such things can slip through. I checked it on my Windows 10 system with Intel graphics of a Xeon E5-1225v3 and yes, even Steinberg’s stock plugins are having this extra unused space to the left and right, where 3rd party plugs like from PSP or Analog Obsession do not show this issue. It is disapointing that it needs another maintenance update to fix the obvious. At least we are at #2 of the updates, by normal times, only two more to expect before a new Cubase comes out. Stay tuned!


I hope that Steinberg will make some sort of quick fix like 12.0.21 etc for this particular issue. As to wait another month or even more feels not positive at all to me for next 12.0.30… Please Steinberg fix this crappy windows mess ASAP! :pray: I know that Steinberg doing they best to fix things in Cubase and make it even better. :slight_smile:

This is real question which many of us wants to know. Apparently this happens over and over again throughout the years. We witness that some essential things got broken in minor updates, as well on major updates where some stuff that was worked perfectly suddenly doesn’t work in major version update.

  1. Either beta testing is poor or 2. Steinberg just ignores it and said “it’s not big deal, users can live with it till next update”
    Particularly with “window plugin excess borders” is so obvious that there is no other explanation except those 2 above.