Cubase 12.0.20 performance issues

You are 100% right and a guy from Steinberg Fabio has sent me a mail.
I noticed certain Synths especially an Arturia JUN 6V was sending Cubase red with just a few notes played. I used the default lead sound on this synth .
I tried what you said and you are 100% right . Disable and enable and then i could put my whole arm on the keys without a glitch or hitting red
Also Korg Wavestate shows very high nearly touching red when no sound is played .
When you start to play the average and peak levels go down. Another strange thing.
So now we know there is a problem.

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Still Running higher on the CPU than in Version 11 keeps peaking I have to max out my sample rate on the Interface to run the same project I would run on 512 in version 11.
New remote keeps losing the assignments on a few knobs and slider, I have to keep re- assigning them. had to tweak( lower the quality) haliosonic settings to get it work with lower setting.
still crashes every time I close it out get that safemode screen everytime

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Thanks for confirming it, thought it was just me singled out :smiley:

Fabio is on the case

Hello Matthias,
Thanks for this update, I’ve noticed some performance improvements while still having random freeze on exit forcing me to kill Cubase in the Task Manager, a dump file has been sent to you, hope this helps.
I’m going to check if justinw227’s procedure can help to get rid of this issue.

Kind regards,

Cubase Pro on Win10, Intel i9 9900KS, 32Gb ram, 4Tb NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD, graphic card GeForce GT-1030

Hi @Rob_Two ,
thanks for your info regarding the performance improvements. The freezes happening after Cubase was sitting for a while (8 h, overnight,…) should be fixed in the next update. Do your freezes fit this description?
Thanks and have a good weekend!

So I finally got the new version to play a decent full session without any drops.
Apparently something has changed with the graphics performance, so it requires using the high-performance graphics card (at least on my Mac).
In order to do that on MacOs, you can follow the instructions at Set graphics performance on MacBook Pro – Apple Support (UK).
Hope this helps.

Hello again! I wanted to ask what can I do so that when I play back even a small project, there is no crackling when I select any track with the mouse? The problem with the PEAK pointer jumping is solved, but in the latest version of Cubase I can hear crackles when I select any track with the mouse during playback…

@Paul_Tumelty There is still a lot of old (and no longer accurate) information on the web in posts (and even some companies’ knowledge bases) listing disabling hyperthreading and c-states in your BIOS when it comes to optimizing your computer for DAW use. There was a period a few years ago when it actually helped in some cases, but processors have evolved since then.

There might be specific situations where disabling hyperthreading might improve performance, theoretically, if you have a CPU with a bunch of cores and a DAW project with very long insert chains on individual buses and tracks, disabling HT could devote each core’s total resources to these very busy individual threads. But as a general practice, you should just leave that stuff alone. Modern processors are much more efficient than they used to be when it comes to both threading and power management.

Depends if you have an OC system. I would always turn off c-state with my OC because when the system reduces power it can cause instability. With an OC I don’t want efficiency, I want raw power. Having a foot long radiator helps of course lol.

Hyper threading I have always kept on.

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My system is a iMac 2019
With The newest Mac update
I have the following issues :

Ara Melodyne
-Various glitches then applied

  • then I use Melodyne in ara, and after that hit record then shows “recording problem” so I have to remove all ara instances and then I can record some vocal tracks
    In cubase 11 all works but since cubase 12 it’s over. In 12.0.1,12.0.2 also

PC running Windows 10/AMD 5900 3.7/32 GB/ASRock X570 Taichi/RME Fireface 802/RME OctaMic II.
Vast improvement with .10; then .20. This latest revision feels really good.
I’m impressed with this response by Steinberg to problems with C12 on certain systems. Bearing in mind that many users had zero issues. It’s a solid comeback. They deserve some respect for this.


Thanks a lot RTT1,
deactivating the c-state in Bios was really helpful for me!
I even deavtivated the mode for optimized audio performance in CB12 studio settings and switched to 64bit float, HT on in CB (and Bios). Now i can record-arm a track without peaks.
My specs: Win11 21H2, Intel i710870H, Asio4all and Nvidia studio driver (without Geforce experience and PhysX).

Just in case this might help anybody else


Hi Chriss,
If “sitting for a while” means open without using it, that’s not the case but actively working on a project for many many hours, that could happen. The last freeze was related to a quite short session.
This isse was also happening on the previous 11 release, in fact but that didn’t bother me too much, since my work was saved and everything was working fine when I reopened.
I have noticed a longer delay when I save the project and when it allows me to access to the scroll menu in order to close the app.
I had originally thought that after 60+ tracks it would take a while to register all these events, but the latest project is still in its beginning stage so I realized that it’s not due to the load.
Anyway, thank you very much for your excellent support.
I also wish you a very good weekend.

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Please ignore this, clicked the wrong button.

When exporting a number of instrument tracks (10) to stems, then clicking on the export button, causes Cubase Pro 12 to freeze / become unresponsive for around 10 - 12 minutes before it finally aborts the eport.

Also deactivating the Real Time Export does nothing and Cubase exports in real time any way.

Even more concerning is exporting plain audio stems (no inserts or processing) causes MASSIVE CPU Temp on ALL cores of 96 - 98 degrees.

Hi Chriss,

I have had a similar problem to the one you outlined - freeze while sitting (idle) overnight. Happened in Cubase 12.0.10, and still happening in Cubase 12.0.20. I have left program open for 1 day and it was fine (just testing play/stop) , but sitting idle over the second day always seems to freeze and hang. Been doing other things on the pc but cubase had just been idle. All up probably about <10mins of actual edit time all within the first day. Has happend always under this 2day scenario.

Minimal activity on the project file, <30 tracks, mixed vst instruments (kontakt, serum, steinberg plugins), iconnectivity interface, Threadripper system.


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Worst update ever , period !
ASIO jumps from a just over a third to clipping with about 10 tracks running , im just about to do a video on this but now it’s made C12 completely unusable . Never had such a bad update . Looks like my update path with Steiny has come to an end , i was ummmming and aahhhing about the update from 11 , 12 was stablish apart from freezing if left for more than 5 mins but now i can’t even load a project without the ASIO clipping .
Not good

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Thanks Chriss!
Yes I saw the more accurate performance meter.
in fact the most important problem is precisely that of the plugins in the control room, thanks for trying to solve them!

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