Cubase 12.0.20 performance issues

The 12.0.20 update addresses a couple of performance issues that occurred with different combinations of CPUs, plug-ins, MIDI Remote controllers, project settings or preferences. The performance on systems with many cores and short sample buffers sizes in particular will improve with this update.

We will continue to investigate performance issues on specific systems, and we will provide additional improvements with the next updates. Therefore, we still rely on your reports.

Please let us know if you are still experiencing issues after the update to 12.0.20.

To get more information it would be helpful if you could send us the Plug-in report which lists the details about your system and configuration.

Please open a project that performs worse in Cubase 12 than in Cubase 11, open the Plug-In Manager, click on “Plug-in Report” at the bottom and sent me the report in a private message here in the forum.


Hi Matthias,

thanks for the update.
Unfortunately Cubase 12.0.20 still crashes on startup if monitoring was enabled on certain channels when the project was saved. I have sent the crash dump via the startup dialog. I reported the bug already with Cubase 12.0.10:


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It keeps hanging on startup and shutdown


This is a good news post, so please delete it if it’s not what you want in this thread.

Downloaded 12.0.20 this morning. Keeping all my ASIO latency settings on maximum for playback, I could play back the Austin UNMIXED demo OK. Switched to Austin MIXED demo, and it would ALMOST play the entire song. Under 12.0.10 this was impossible. This is good!
Some Context:
My lowly WIN 10 (21H2) 2012 ThinkPad i7 2640M, 2.8 GHz CPU had hyperthreading switched OFF in BIOS running only 2 cores, so I don’t expect to be able to run Austin MIXED without issues, ever, to be fair. Video driver is an old external NVidia GTX 650 ti. with the built-in GPU disabled (very old intel HD 3000!). Ram is just 8GB, SSD 260 Gb internal drive.

More tests:
Next I loaded a previous C11 project of mine which suffered dropouts and glitches under C12.01, even with hyperthreading OFF. Lowered the ASIO settings to more normal (Yamaha THR30 ASIO 20 ms playback, ASIO guard normal) and NO issues with hyperthreading OFF.

So I then rebooted after switching hyperthreading = ON and played the same C11 project with NO ISSUES. Previously, this project was unplayable in C12.01 with hyperthreading ON.

With hyperthreading still engaged, I pushed C12.02 further by reducing the record latency down to 8 ms and loaded a HALION SE track for a “play along keyboard session” within the C11 project with an additional Groove Agent 5 track on a drum loop loaded (2 cores in GA5), and NO ISSUES!

This would have been IMPOSSIBLE within C12.01 on my ThinkPad.

So it seems to me from the positive results I’ve had with my quick tests this morning (SO FAR) the hyperthreading issue appears to be FIXED in C12.02, or am I kidding myself?

Anyhow, so far so good, C12.02 is very much usable. Well done SB team!


Thank you for the feedback! We do like “good news” posts a lot!


FF and RW are now OK. Thanks


Slow and Delayed Menus In Cubase 12
Hello, Matthias! I’m not entirely sure this is the type of ‘performance’ issues you wish recorded here; however, as it’s a (menu) performance issue which has prevented me from thus far upgrading to v12 (from v11) I thought I’d let you know and see where it leads…

The following is a post I made on the Steinberg Community Forum a few days after installing v12 which the 12.0.20 build 263 update has not helped resolve at all:-

I currently have Cubase 11 (latest patched version) and the trial version of Cubase 12 installed on the same system (an HP EliteBook 8570W workstation laptop with 24GB RAM and 2 SSD drives - 500GB system, 1TB samples - running a fully-patched Windows 10 Pro O/S).

Cubase 11 is incredibly stable, fast and runs near-flawlessly.

Cubase 12 is working and appears relatively stable thus far; however, the menus are incredibly slow at opening. When clicked, all of the DAW’s menus pause for around 250ms on the top level menu name … and then take anything up to 2secs to fully open, i.e. unfold from top to bottom (for the longer menus)!

Without rebooting if I start up Cubase 11, there are no issues.

Returning and re-opening v12 (again without rebooting), the slow menu problem remains.

Both versions employ the Steinberg power scheme and nothing else changes between closing and opening the other version.

There are no nVidia-specific graphics profiles set up for either DAW and no such issues exist elsewhere (including on Photoshop and other resource-intensive apps) and the HiDPI settings are identical for both versions of Cubase. Changing this setting makes no difference either, though.

Please help - I’d really like to upgrade ASAP, if for nothing more than the MIDI Remote feature which I’d find invaluable.

Kind regards,


Very happy so far with 12.0.20, it looks like it has resolved the issues I had with overloading. Looking forward to getting back into my projects. Thanks devs!


Hi @steveecrane, what is the scaling factor of your screen? Do you seen the same sluggishness when you change the scaling to 100% or 150%?

Hi @matthias_Quellmann

When can we expect this fix on Cubase Pro 12 getting magnified windows on some VST3 Plugins and the CPU is not very stable as in Cubase Pro 11 ?!


What is going on
I had everything working great until this update
I am at the moment mixing a few songs from my Genos which now are in wave form.
The asio guard is working
When i use vst instruments things are maxing out and the Asio guard does not work
Come on Steinberg this is pure frustration

@JohnS, so you are saying that your system is performing worse after the Cubase 12.0.20 update?

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The plug-in window issue will hopefully be addressed in the 12.0.30 update.


Later edit:
So, if you are having issues with Cubase 12 Pro freezing while launch or while you close it, i found a solution. So, if you are having previous Cubase versions like 10.5 or 11, you will need to delete the preferences files for the previous versions (you can back them up and then replace them) and then you need to start Cubase 12. Afterwards you can copy back the preferences for the old versions. It seems like after the installation, when you launch Cubase 12, it takes the preferences from the previous versions and it seems there are some compatibility issues.
You can find the preferences files location below:

On Windows, preference files are stored in the following location: “\Users\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\”.

On macOS, preference files are stored in the following location: “/Library/Preferences//” under your home directory.

For me it worked, hopes that it works for you too!
Good luck!

Initial post:
My Cubase 12 freezes every time i close it, doesn’t matter what project i load. I am running Win10. You can find the attached .dmp file.
Any ideas?
Cubase 64bit 2022.4.27 (515.7 KB)


This could be my mistake mistake on Aturia synths too much polyphony used
I had a synth on 16 and it maxes out red bars ,but the Asio guard does not operate
Put a few synths on different tracks and the Asio Guard kicks in.
Well is it my mistake or not .?
The other thing is that the asio guard goes to max and stays there with Korg Wavestate and soon as you start playing it falls back, weird that one
With Arturia Jupiter 6 ,the first lead sound maxes out and the Asio guard does not move at all
I just dont understand how this all works out

All the Best

Here are some strange behaviors.
Win 10 system with the latest update and with professional audio setup (many services disabled etc …).
Old CPU i7 930 System with RME raydat (latest drivers, latest frimware).

At the opening of cubase with 64 buffersize the meter “peaks” moves a lot even without activity. The steinberg’s tuner and Sonarworks plugin placed in inserts on the control room main out continue to create very serious performance issue (in 11 this did not happen) in general all the plugins loaded in inserts on the main out of the control room still create considerable performance drops.

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I have had crash issues as well as many vst plugins not opening to full view (NI Raum as an example) or in the case of NI Massive X Cubase simply crashes when opening Massive X as a plugin.
I have gone through most of the “remedies” stated in the forum however nothing has changed.
If I run Cubase Pro 11 I get no issues at all.
My system runs on Win 10 Pro vs 21H2, i7-6700K CPU 32GB DDR4 6 x SSD drives, GTX760 2GB nVidia with latest drivers.
Cubase 12 seems extremely unstable and a lot slower than the previous version 11.
I have no choice but to use Version 11 PRO until some fix is found. Rather disappointing as I have been a Cubase user since version 5 and have never had issues as this upgrade before, and I have gone through every upgrade since version 5.

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Thanks for letting us know! I’ll make sure to deactivate those on my current projects before updating!