Cubase 12.0.30 no valid license

I reinstalled everything from scratch, with everything updated and I still get this message. I want to solve this problem.

I had the same issue. This is what I did. Hope it works for you.

downloaded and installed latest activation manager, here: (I’m on Windows)

It showed that Cubase 12 was activated, but I got the same error as you. I then chose deactivate followed by choosing activate. After that, it came up with no issue. I can only assume that is what fixed my issue. Seems like somebody from Steinberg could just chime in and tell us that. I guess they like to see us suffer.

Good luck.


@0db, Actually, after this update it worked. Thank you very much!! Problem solved.

Same here on Mac M1 MAx and I9

Tried to update again activation manager, C12 to 12.0.30 and deactivate/activate but nothing happens !

@SergeNas1, Have you installed licensor version 1.3.1? It is good to always delete all folders of old installations, either from the activation manager from or Cubase, and then do an installation from scratch.

Same problem on Mac Mini M1, MacOS 11.6.5

Once updated the Activation Manager to version, Deactivate-Activate license, then Cubase 12 Elements starts regularly.