Cubase 12.0.30 performance issues

Was 11 like that in terms of negative posts?

To be honest, I am dreading to upgrade…

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11.0 pro was terrible for me, 12 works very well from day 1. Really depends on your hard- and software setup.
100% sure that my system(hackintosh) is not officially suported, but still it works really well with CBP 12.

Audio export is very slow in Cubase 12.0.30 (Pro) when output sample rate is different from project sample rate (which apparently also happens when choosing the High Quality option for MP3 export, but can be reproduced even for WAV-output). Despite the project just having five tracks and even with all inserts disabled as soon as the output sample rate doesn’t match the project sample rate, export will occupy all 48 cores at 100% and take quite long - since I cannot see any useful occupation for 48 cores with just 5 tracks this appears to be a bug.

Normal playback works fine and even with inserts enabled and low latency barely stresses a single core, exporting takes nearly as long at 100% CPU usage.

Workaround probably is exporting in project sample rate and doing the final conversion elsewhere, although this is annoying.

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i had the same issue, cubase would just hang, closing app
had to force end task
when i unplugged my USB midi keyboard, before closing app, it was better
if that’s any help to anyone

Unfortunately, Cubase 12 has been a performance nightmare for me so far with none of the suggestions from tech support making any difference. I went so far as to manually reinstall everything and deleting the preferences to no success. Cubase regularly crashes on startup, when closing down and randomly while working in projects. Dump files are either not created in the first place or 0 bytes. It’s really frustrating since I had none of these issues in earlier versions of Cubase on the same system.
As it is, it’s unfortunately unusable for me.

My System:
Windows 10 Home
Intel Core i5-8400 2.81 GHz
16GB DDR4 Memory
NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 2GB


I’m also having these problems. Cubase 12.0.40, is it coming?


Well, yeah, OK but, there are a fair few ones buddy. What about all these users?

TBH, there are way too many topics and replies about bad performance to brush this issue aside.

Or should Steinberg brush aside all these users who are having nightmares with the program???

There is also the silent majority.

I have terrible problems sometimes with Cubase, but I keep quiet. I suspect it’s the same with many customers, many of which are not here on this forum…

But being such a big company, there should be a dedicated department for PCs and Macs as a testing ground.

All I am saying is that, it would be better to wait a year or two, stabilize the system, test, test and then test some more. The loyal costumers will appreciate this much more, than new stuff coming out regularly, on a nightmarish product…

If you have a problem with 48 cores, something is horrifically wrong…


Macbook pro 16 2019
Monterey 12.5
Apollo Twin

  • C12 crashes when i try to open the right zone on an empty project. I have to desactivate control room first on audio connections, then I can open it.
  • general performance is bad when adding VSTinstruments and plugins during mixing. CPU peaks a lot, even with freeze function. It doesn’t seem to have an impact. I can freeze my entire tracks, there’s the same cpu load, is that normal?
  • audio inputs and outputs links on the upper bar are missing from time to time, unable to add them in the configuration menu (they’re missing)

Unfortunately I have to join the cause. I never experienced a so destructive update as 12.0.30 , I can say the software is unusable here too.

  • Freezing on start
  • I reinstalled the activation manager, and still I’m getting the “libraries not found/activated” problem (Yes, my internet is working)
  • Cubase is rejecting 3rd party vsts here too.

ps: the previous version was runing PERFECTLY on my system.

Steinberg, please fix it, really. We depend on this.

If there’s a crash, please upload the crash dump.

These are not “performance issues,” and it’s quite likely they can be fixed locally on your system. The best thing you can do to find solutions is to post a new topic about the specific problem, and include you system specs, or better yet, add them to your profile here

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Cubase 12-2022-08-02-123537.ips (67.3 KB)

There are literally 1000s of threads about this subject, and folks like yourself who show up and deny this has caused me to literally make a folder filled with links to those threads. I posted 30 links to threads about this same hyperthreading performance issue a year ago, and do you know what Steinberg’s mods did to my post? They deleted it and banned me for 3 days without explanation. I think the emailed reason said “linking to old threads”, or something.

This identical issue has existed since 9. It was present in 10. It was present in 10.5, 11, and now 12. I have numerous documented hardware platforms that experience the issue (combos of CPU, MB, BIOS version, config), and I have ONE total platform that does not experience the issue. I also have confirmation about this issue in writing from Steinberg in an email. It is so frustrating to hear people denying this exists, or passing the buck, or whatever this is this time.

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@Scheissberg, Please consider the possibility that other users are just reporting their own experience, and are not denying yours.

From your posts here in this topic it sounds like you have tested two systems, an x299 based win10 system (ASrock, i7800x, 32GB) and an i9 12900KF 16/24 core (P and E cores)
w/EVGA Z690 MB. And one works great.

I’m running an i7-11700k Z590 system and things are quite smooth here.

It’s better to not take what people say about how the daw performs for them personally. The point is to make things work.

Exactly what @Steve said. Please show me where I am DENYING you have any issues with Cubase??
Next time try some reading comprehension. My point had nothing to do with whether it actually works for you or not.

I have the same system except rog maximus z690 hero 12900k and a 3090, 64g DDR5 and have the opposite outcome :smiley:
On my system the E-Cores are causing serious issues in Cubase 12 Pro, big CPU spikes until I apply my fix, Steinberg are aware of the issue with E-Cores. If anyone is having this issue feel free to message me for a workaround.


Since there is no 12.0.40 performance issue topic and this issue was already there on 12.0.30 and now on .40, but was fine in C11:

There is an issue, which brings the CPU to its max when using mixdown and on top of that slows it down by at least 50%.

The same project on C11 exports fast and is light on the CPU during mixdown.

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Hi steve, can you please tell me what driver you are using for the i7-11700K onboard gpu ?

cheers :wink:

Simply the default one.

great, same. ignore the intel DCH driver then :wink:

Screenshot (9)

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