Cubase 12.0.30

Has this update corrected the instillation and authorization issues some people reported when upgrading from CB Pro 11 to 12?

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Thank you, @DavePorter , wondering the same

Yes I am sure and as a side note the problem does not exist in Cubase 11 which I tested few weeks ago :slight_smile: The reason I am sure is because if u go into the BIOS and disable the E-Cores the problem goes away, everything is stable, however I do not want to keep going into the bios to turn on / off so the solution that works for me as u see in the video is to use Lasso :slight_smile:

Had the no license found error on cubase 12.0.30 and only updated activation manager to 1.3.1
issue resolved


I hope we will have this fixed next time.

I downloaded this update, no problems here. However, this is the very first time that a Cubase download has not included the Steinberg Generic ASIO Driver. Strange. Which is fine by me because I always have to go to Regedit and delete it. But I wonder if this is an oversight by Steinberg?

if the problem still exists the solution was to trash the preferences and let Cubase 12 start blank… Then copy your backup preferences to overwrite the Cubase 12 default. At least that was the solution I used when having that problem.

You need to update using the Download assistant, otherwise the steinberg activation manager won’t be updated. ones the steinberg activation manager will be updated 1…3
Cubase will run.


Or update the Steinberg Activation Manager manually.

Hi @DavePorter !

I successfully updated from C11 Pro to C12 Pro last night, “Grace Period Eligible”.

Having said that, it was not smooth, for example I had to download different components individually (Steinberg Activation Manager, Library Manager, one other) because it wouldn’t work otherwise.

Additionally, I got a “No Eligible License Found” (paraphrasing) when it looked for my Grace Period License … I got that message twice, and it only worked after I rebooted, downloaed those things as above, rebooted one or two more times, threw salt over my right shoulder, etc.).

Of note - the first time I opened C12 Pro everything froze. I had my USB e-licenser in at that time, I took it out and rebooted, and then I could open C12 Pro. I haven’t tried it again with the USB e-licenser in …

But this morning, with USB e-licenser out of machine, I can open this on my Microsoft Surface Pro 6. Next steps - do the same on my real music machine, and get to work to see what if any performance issues I have.

Hope that is helpful!

Me too
After i update cubase 12.0.20 to 12.0.30 it cant be open,

the license back to cubase 11 pro (upgraded to cubase 12 with steinberg licenscing)

I have tried to re enter activation code but curently there is no license which can be upgrade :smiling_face_with_tear:

I also tried to steinberg activation manager but no licensed found :smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear:

Hi… anyone else having problems with running 12.0.30 in a windowed mode (as opposed to a full screen mode)? Wasn’t an issue in 12.0.20/win10 - but I can’t get cubase (main) to operate as a window under Windows 11 (upgraded to this as well)… The main toolbar always default to full screen. This is particularly annoying on a wide screen monitor. This could also be a Win11 thing?Only the specific project window goes non-full screen, but the main toolbar - I can’t seem to change it at all…help…

Thank you for providing your instillation info.

I will be purchasing the upgrade since I am not eligible for the free grace period upgrade. Hopefully that will make the upgrade go smoother.

I will be sure that my elicensor, Steinberg Activation Manager and the Steinberg Download Assistant are all burdens before starting the upgrade process. Thank you for the heads-up!

Have a great day!

Hi @DavePorter -

I also used this fantastic work of love Current (Updated?) Official Steinberg detailed instructions for Upgrade from C11 to C12.0.10 (Grace) - #5 by Ultimate_Outsider put together by @Ultimate_Outsider - very helpful!


Update Steinberg Activation Manager to the latest version, please.

Thank you everyone for all your great info and advice!

Have great day and happy music making!

Well, I finally felt it was time to purchase and install Cubase 12 now that it’s reached version 12.0.30.

I upgraded Activation Manager, Download Assistant and eLicenser Control Center to the most recent versions manually first. Then purchased the update from CB Pro 11 to CB Pro 12. Once I received the download and activation code I entered the code into Download Assistant and followed the instructions. Once everything was downloaded I activated CB Pro 12 in Activation Manager. Everything went off without a hitch.

I started CB Pro 12 and it stared-up with no problems. I loaded a few CB Pro 11 projects and they ran with no issues…in fact CB Pro 12 appears to run with somewhat less resources on our Studio A iMac.

I ran CB Pro 11 just to be sure it still functioned and it runs with no issues as well.

Tomorrow I will install CB Pro 12 on our Studio B iMac and see how that activation goes. UPDATE: I was able to download, install and authorize CB Pro 12 on our STUDIO B iMac this evening with no issues. Everything went smoothly.

So for us…Cubase Pro 12 is running fine so far. We have not run it long enough to see what, if any, issues there may be that we have not experienced yet…but all the basics work fine for us.

Luna 1.2.8, Logic Pro 10.7.4, Cubase Pro 12.0.30, Studio One Pro 5.5.2, Pro Tools Studio 2022.5, UAD-2 software 10.1, PreSonus Quantum 2, UA Apollo 8, UA Apollo Twin Mk 2 (2), UAD-2 Thunderbolt Satellite Quad (2), Studio A: Apple iMac 2020, i7 8-core 3.8 GHz, 64 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD, RP5700XT GPU, 10 Gb/s Ethernet, MacOS Monterey 12.4. Studio B: Apple iMac 2015, i7 4-core 4 GHz, 64 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD, RP395X GPU, 1 Gb/s Ethernet, MacOS Monterey 12.4


I had to upgrade the eLicenser software to get the 12.0.30 to work.
If I take out the old hardware dongle it still works though.
(Already had the latest Activation manager software installed and that said I had the Cubase 12 license)

If Steinberg development reads this they might look into this edge-case.

@ReggieChas , is this still an issue? I see that you made another activation of Cubase Pro 12 yesterday.
Next to the current Steinberg Activation Manager release (which is updated automatically when launching the Steinberg Download Assistant), please also make sure that you use the correct Steinberg ID account email address. If this is a different one than the one used in MySteinberg, no license will be displayed.

My Steinberg Activation Manager could not be started by the Steinberg Download Assistant.

I had to download the latest Steinberg Activation Manager manually for my upgrade (Grace Period) to work.