Cubase 12.0.30

Cubase 12 Release Notes | Steinberg

Let’s go :slight_smile:


no license found error!


That plugin blank space issue was winding me up, update worth it for that alone. Look forward to trying this later! :slight_smile:

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All worked as it should here. :slight_smile:

All working good for me so far - I have been working for about 1 hour now. Variaudio was very buggy for me as well as the zoom in the editors. Seems better now so hopefully that is the end result :slight_smile:

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THIS is why I won’t upgrade from Cubase Pro 11 to Cubase 12. This and the fact that other than the new license authorization system (that I could currently care less about until ALL eLicenser software relies on the dongle-free licensing system,) AND the fact that there are no new features in Cubase 12 that I consider “must have.”

Of course if I stay on the Mac platform (which I will most likely do) and buy a new fully loaded 20 core Mac Studio M1 Ultra rather than the latest 16 core 12th Generation Alder Lake Intel i9 desktop (which is almost the same price as the Mac Studio Ultra if you choose comparably specced systems in terms of GPU, RAM, and storage - though the Mac Studio is still going to be significantly smaller, noticeably quieter and cooler, with far more Thunderbolt/USB 4 ports, and even better multicore - though not single core - performance,) then I will be forced to upgrade to Cubase 12 for M1 native compatibility (which I can’t do until all of my essential plugins are not only M1 native but also VST3). So I am in a holding pattern at the moment regarding a new desktop music computer.


How does it look like in the Steinberg Activation Manager on your side, please?

Installed no problem , running sweet , haven’t intensely tested but all seems fine here

Because of a temporary issue with their licensing servers, which was solved relatively immediately after the launch of C12, you won’t update? That seems exaggerated. Probably the Licenser or sth else was not uptodate.

EDIT: It was indeed an outdated depending program.

i updated activation manager and e licenser
and now it worked !


I’ve updated it to v12.0.30 and… Yes, FINALLY!
The 12.0.30 saves me to use Cubase continually!!
Everything works so smoothly here now.
By the way, my PC is Windows 10.
Thanks a lot, Steinberg! :love_you_gesture:


12.0.0 works for me. 12.0.2 and 12.0.3 have lots of bugs. The biggest bug: “Unexpected error” when trying to export audio makes C12.0.2 / C12.0.3 totally useless for me. Sorry:-(



Could you attach the DMP file(s), please?

windows 10

Loaded a track I’m working on

Novation Launchkey mk3 61 loses connection after a few minutes and the sliders on the Cubase mixer stop moving.

Stylus drums have disappeared on one of the tracks slider up or not!

I macrium imaged my PC before update and went back to the 12.0.20 and everything works ok so there is a problem with 12.0.30 and Novation Launchkey mk3 61.

Which I bought especially because Cubase 12 Pro was advertised as fully supporting it!

Just tried in 3 projects, audio export as MP3 and WAV works fine here. Did you try realtime export? Badly coded plugins sometimes refuse to work during a regular (non-realtime) export. The realtime export checkbox may fix it in this special case. Or an update of the plugin.

Do as Martin said and attach the DMP file. If it’s a plugin that causes the crash, Martin will be able to tell you the culprit.

Vid not working here, tried a couple different browsers. Maybe it’s because I’m a Bunny not a monkey?

Merci :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

I noticed that black box around plugins, thought it was super odd and annoying on a laptop screen, turns out it was a bug :slight_smile:

This update has fixed quite some issues for me. I am happy.
I had some spikes and crackles in certain projects with certain virtual instruments (KONTAKT, MODO Bass, etc) and they are gone now. Additionally some other stupid little bugs were fixed too (slow scrolling in variaudio, timeline change when switching between the new freewarp tool and others, Adding warp markers to multiple selected events).
Cannot say anything about the “Crash on exit” bug yet, but we will see if thats working!

:clap: :clap:

Thank you Steinberg! Keep it up!


Thank you Steinberg developers, but also kudos to the technical support team that did a great job forwarding the problems to them in a comprehensive, professional but also timely fashion way.