Cubase 12.0.4 - Midi not visually aligned to grid

Why is MIDI data visually offset compared to the grid?

}It always makes me think I need to quantize in order to catch the first notes that appear to be outside of the clip bounds and makes me think I have nudged the data off grid. I thought this would have been changed in one of the last few updates but it seems to be a feature rather than a bug.

(and now constantly checking licenses is causing it to hang mid project. great. why cant it just check on startup? not mid project when i am trying to record)

I would recommend using the search function before posting a new topic.

Please see this topic for a workaround:
MIDI note display in Project view is inaccurate in 12.0.40 - #41 by steve

This should be fixed very soon.

Please make a separate topic for your other issue.