Cubase 12.0.40 - 12.0.51 -- Cubase crash/freezes after project window loaded. Becomes unclickable

Happening frequently.
Can’t click anywhere in Cubase with any response whatsoever.
Totally bricked after the startup routine is completed and the project window gui is shown.
Becomes useless and unclickable.

What do you need from me Steinberg? Please let me know how I can use my $600 DAW. This is too much freezing and crashing and without good cause.

Others reporting Cubase Pro 12 crashing a lot too, not just me. How can this still be happening so much, so frequently?

Could be wrong, but maybe the bricking of Cubase is only occurring when the main program window is in maximized state ?
I’m on Windows 10

I’m not sure, how are we supposed to know when random freezes just keep occurring without any pattern.

Judging from many posts of late, Cubase 12 is pretty f*d with its being prone to crashing.

Cubase runs very Stable on Win 10 and the number of posts you see out of the number of actual users is not a lot but your being unlucky, could you please post a crash report so someone might be able to guide you to what’s causing the problem .
BTW 12.0.5 is very stable , if you do manger the get a project open try saving a version of it under the 12.0.5 and see if your still having the issues

If you launch the Cubase by opening the CPR file directly, you can give it a try to launch the Cubase itself first and then open the CPR file.

If you already do this way, you might want to try deleting the profiles as well as disabling the 3rd party plugins tentatively. Once Cubase is launched properly, it might be fine to open the project with the 3rd part plugins again. I don’t know why but I get the same situation and I can fix with this way always so far.

my honest hunch is that certain Cubase windows that I made ‘always on top’ were causing this GUI freeze (where the Cubase program becomes unclickable), maybe in combination with making the outer program window maximized. I don’t know, but so far the freezes are kept at bay when I’m not using ‘always on top’.

I can’t say for sure, I guess I gotta learn how to analyze the freeze dump file.

Yes, could also be 3rd party plugins (a frequent culprit). I will also try to disable unused Profiles as mentioned above.

Nope, now freezing on the Hub at startup. Still will try to de-maximize the main program window and see if that alleviates these freezes which brick Cubase.

Here is the crash dump from the freeze on start-up Hub (does that mean it can’t be related to plugins?)

Cubase 64bit 2022.11.30 (876.6 KB)

There’s a known issue that causes freezing that Steinberg is working on. From Steinberg Support:

“The wdmaud.drv freeze is a known issue our developers are working on”

Thank you, this is helpful. And good to hear. Except what’s wdmaud in reference to?

I’m pretty sure it’s part of the Microsoft Windows audio driver architecture. Gonna let the Steinberg engineers figure that one out :slight_smile:


Hi, I have exactly the same problem on Windows 11 and Cubase Artist, freeze in hub on project start. You state that Cubase is working on the issue, but I can see from other people that it has been a problem for many users for quite some time. Do we have any indication on when Steinberg will solve this critical problem?

W D and ‘aud’… yes, good sluething!

I have no idea, but having an acknowledgement from Steinberg Support that this is (a) known and (b) actively being fixed is probably as good as it’s going to get with regard to knowledge about what’s going on with this bug fix

Today Cubase is being extra crashy. Can’t use it at all, even after PC restart.

Starts up fine, loads the project window fine, then consistently I have about 3 seconds where I can click around until everything becomes frozen.

Every single time I fire it up today, this is happening. So far 4 PC restarts and about 10 times I’ve opened Cubase Pro 12 in total.

Edit: it’s a TIME thing. If I don’t touch the initial Hub screen, it freezes again after a few seconds. If I quickly load a project, it will load the project, and then again after a few seconds everything freezes.
Tried various projects, none of which have the same plugins. So it’s likely not a plugin.

Bumping this as I have the same problem, more frequently in recent weeks (without updating anything or changing the installation of Cubase as well as used plugins). Puzzling and extremely annoying, especially since killing Cubase then gets the license server upset, so the quickest and safest way to the next try is to reboot the machine… Sigh…

The problem, I found, was that the activation process didn’t get done properly.

See if your Steinberg Activation Manager shows that you have a valid Cubase licensed that has been properly activated.

Thanks for your quick response. That did not do it for me. License Manager says everything is peachy. Cubase still froze this morning about 30s into starting my project directly (this has been working almost flawlessly for two+ years). I suspect its either Win10 having updated the graphics drivers, or me adding and removing a couple of portable drives and Cubase not liking that. Would be nice to have a watchdog in Cubase that notices when it freezes up and then gives you some indicator why this may have happened. Alas, I understand that diagnostics are not sexy for a product…

Hi all,

We think that the issues is often causes by Windows MIDI. With Cubase 12.0.60 we have removed the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth MIDI Port. If it is still active in your settings please hide it:

Since Cubase 12 we recommend to use the new WinRT MIDI API:

We are in contact with the team at Microsoft and we are investigating any issues in these areas. Please let us know if you still have freezes or other issues after adapting to the suggested changes.

Hi @Matthias_Quellmann !

I just checked and it looks like my set up does not include either of the two recommendations.

I have what I consider very rare crashes in Cubase Pro 12.03 on a 2014 computer (home hobbiest sized projects).

Should I leave well enough alone and not make the recommended changes?


The first step would be to update to Cubase Pro 12.0.60 as this is the recommended version.