Cubase 12.0.40 and Windows 11 22H2 compatibility - any issues?

No issues here - all running fine on Win 11 22H2 and Cubase 12.04

Windows 11 works like a charm here and if you look closely at the threads in this forum, the most people having performance issues and crashes use Macs. Also keep in mind that updates on Macs caused way more problems in the past, compared to PCs. I cannot confirm any horror stories about 11, and besides producing music, I am working as an IT guy part time since 10 years.

There is basically no difference in performance from Win 10 to 11, but I like the interface and workflow of 11 way more, even if it is not that much different to 10.

I have had 22H2 for a while courtesy Windows Insider Preview. Cubase 12.0.40 works fine for me with no issues at all.

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Thanks for sharing, that’s encouraging!

Hi, in theory a higher version of Windows 11 should be supported by Cubase 12, reading what Steinberg wrote on its website. I too have some doubts now since in my Italian Cubase Italia Facegroup group I read that Windows 11 22H2 has some problems of compatibility and issues with some graphic cards by nVidia. They suggest to wait a couple of months before updating Windows 11 to 22H2 until Microsoft will solve these problems. So, I think that I will wait before updating, anyway.

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Based on everything I’ve read so far, it seems like there are no obvious Cubase 12 compatibility issues with 22H2, and what seems to be official support by Steinberg of that Windows version gives me additional confidence.

Just like with any major new OS version, there are bound to be all sorts of edge case issues, esp. with a highly diverse 3rd party hardware/software ecosystem like Windows.

So if you’re eager to upgrade, to mitigate risk, you could try running 22H2 on a system that’s very similar to your production machine to make sure you’re not running into any non-Cubase-related issues, and if that goes well, that should eliminate at least some risk.

First of all, this is my equipment:
PC Project Lead
Processor Intel(R) Core™ i9-10900F CPU @ 2.80GHz 2.81 GHz
RAM 32,0 GB
OS Windows 11 Pro 22H2
Graphic Card: nVidia Geforce 710
Audio Controller: Steinberg UR24 C
Midi Controller: Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S49 MK2 (software Komplete 14 standard)
DAW Cubase 12.0.40
Wavelab 11
Now, I updated my OS to Windows 11 22H2 ( I had 21H2 version).
Everything works fine (it seems even better than before).
Cubase 12 tested with one project of mine: no problems at all.
Wavelab 11 tested: no problems at all.
I cross my fingers but I didn’t need to update my nVidia driver to 3.26 beta.
So, for me everything worked fine.

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How do you come to this conclusion?

Because I used Cubase 12, Wavelab 11 like any day else and everything worked fine. I will monitor my daily musical activity with my DAW in the next days to get surer about my considerations but I did not find any problem till now.
I obviously checked that my Windows 11 optimization for using a DAW had been kept. Just in one case, in Devices Management , for USB controllers, I had to uncheck “energy save” options, once again. All other previous preferencies have been kept.
That’s all.
Anyway, my personal suggestion is that if you still don’t feel confortable or sure in upgrading, simply don’t.
I did because I’m incautious but sometimes lucky. :wink: .
Take care.

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I had a problem with eLicenser after installing Windows 11 22H2.

When I tried to load HALion Sonic 3, an error message appeared telling me that I did not have the permissions required to use it. No problem with HALion 6, SE or any other Steinberg VST I own.

After quitting Cubase 12, I ran eLicensor to do Dongle license maintenance. A new error message told me that there was a malfunction and that I should contact the supplier to resolve the problem.

Instead I decided to uninstall eLicensor and reinstall the latest version, this one that was previously installed and everything was back to normal.

For some reason I don’t know, installing this latest version of Windows seems to have corrupted the eLicensor installation that was present previously. Who knows why?

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Thanks everybody for sharing your upgrade experiences so far! I took the plunge yesterday and did the upgrade.

I’m happy to report that Cubase runs even better on 22H2 (some songs that would stutter and skip during certain parts now play back much more smoothly)!

I am not happy to report that the very latest version of iZotope Ozone (V10.1), despite claiming to be compatible with Windows 11, will crash on 22H2 and bring down Cubase 12 along with it.

I’m hoping that it might be something like @Rene_L is reporting, where an uninstall and reinstall will fix things. For now, I’ve uninstalled it, and removed all references to the Ozone 10 plugin from my Cubase songs, and that did the trick and got me back into a working state.

I’m going to try a reinstall and will report back if that reinstall will make Ozone 10 work. If not, I’ll reach out to iZotope and hopefully they’ll fix that incompatibility.

Hi Timo
I have had Neutron 4 disappearing with Cubase only if i get a welcome screem come up on a new project.
I have not updated yet and will hold on as you have troubles with Ozone 10.
I have just got it and my Ozone 9 disappears with Cubase 12 if i make a few moves wth gain match, Ref and my track buttons . Not always but always after long use it can have a wobbly .
I can get through if i keep saving, but sill i think it is a Izotope problem .
I have reached out to the Lord Izotope . Old John Boy corn and the sins of Eve “Can i Believe”!!!
I have sent them my Computer stats as they are looking into some Ozone problems ,which they are aware of.
With Neutron , there should be a button to stop that flaming welcome screen.
Other than that i am still managing to make music.

All the Best

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Thank you for sharing your experience @JohnS!

Yes, unfortunately, iZotope plugins have been very, very crashy for me as well, in particular, Nektar 3, and now, Ozone 10.

It’s bad enough that I’ve stopped using the iZotope plug-ins altogether, and am instead using the Ozone 9 standalone application for some mastering work. Unlike their plugins, that application has been rock solid for me.

Unfortunately, iZotope decided to get rid of that standalone app in Ozone 10, so the only piece of their software that was reliable enough for me to use is now gone?!

Let this be a warning to others, be careful about any Windows 11, esp. 22H2, upgrades if you’re using iZotope stuff.

You should set elicencer to run as admin. You must find eLicencer app, right click, open properties and than find " allways run as admin"
After that restart computer. For me this worked.

Update on the Ozone 10 crash issue:

Just like with the eLicenser issue that @Rene_L described, it seems like the 22H2 upgrade somehow corrupts existing installations, because after uninstalling Ozone 10, and then reinstalling it from scratch it worked just fine (so far).

Just to keep things clean, after uninstalling Ozone 10, I removed all references to the Ozone 10 plugin from my songs, and made sure they loaded and played OK. Then, after reinstalling Ozone 10, I reinserted those Ozone 10 plugins, and that worked. Not sure if it’s as smooth if you leave them in there, and just uninstall/reinstall Ozone 10…

Very good idea! I made this change to the settings. If it can avoid some unpleasant situations, it is worth it. Thanks!

C12.0.40/W11 22H2 - No problem here. If anything, I have too many free VSTi’s and FX which slows C12 startup. They might also contribute to the rare freezes I experience.

Great to hear!

The bottom line seems to be: Make sure your system (regardless of Cubase) can run 22H2 (no weird driver issues etc.), and make sure that any 3rd party plugins you’re using are compatible with 22H2. And even then you may have to reinstall some bits and pieces.

Hi Timo
Up to now the new update is working fine with Neutron.
That welcome screen has gone now i hope as i started a blank project and no welcome screen.
Yet to test Ozone 10
I only run Korg, Arturia and Sampletank vst’s plus mixbox and Izotope plugins.
Only Izotope i have had minor annoyances. I have replied to Izotope about Ozone crashes and hope they can sort it. This new update on Windows may solve it or not.
I will report back here once i have tested Ozone 10 Properly.
That is all you need really to make great music
I say to people out there, forget the free stuff as it can mess a lot of things up.
The less you can get by with is best for trouble free making music
One thing i noticed with this new update is that the E- licencer had an unrecoverable anomaly box appear after using maintainance but still worked .
I uninstalled it and re-installed and all ok and that warning box disappeared thankfully.
I do agree that running everything Cubase 12 with admin rights is the way to go.

All the Best

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No, running any application as administrator is a really really bad idea and asking for trouble. This opens up your system for all kinds of security problems.

Installing with admin permissions in Windows is required (in most cases), but executing applications clearly not.

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