Cubase 12.0.40 and Windows 11 22H2 compatibility - any issues?

Hi, I’m about to upgrade my Windows 11 PC to the 22H2 release that just came out. Has anybody done that upgrade? Any issues?

The official Steinberg Windows 11 compatibility web site isn’t terribly helpful, it just says that Cubase 12 is compatible with Windows 11, but doesn’t go into (what is a fairly major) Windows 11 upgrade(s).

There is no Windows 11 update so far, just the initial release. So there is nothing that Steinberg needs to document.

22H2 is the first update to be released by Microsoft. This is a pretty significant update and if you need to be sure you stay productive I would not jump on it right on the first day.

Well, 22H2 is, as you say, a major update, so it sure would be nice to have some sort of “official” statement from Steinberg as far as compatibility goes, since 22H2 is now officially released.

Even if that statement was “we are in the process of testing 22H2 for compatibility and will post our results on [insert date]”, that would really help with planning my studio maintenance schedule.

But you’re absolutely right, I’m not going to jump on this update until I have some data points (from Steinberg or elsewhere) regarding compatibility - hence my question about others’ experiences so far in the first place :slight_smile:

Yes, the release date is 20.September 2022, which is yesterday.

What value do you get from a statement saying “we are testing it”?

It’s not so much the announcement that testing is in progress that is valuable (even though knowing that the process has started means I can have some degree of confidence that the results will be available “soon”), but rather having an estimate as to when the testing is expected to be done is what’s valuable to my studio maintenance schedule planning.

Other than the inherent bugs in C12 it’s been fine for me, personally. But not used it a great deal.

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It just appeared on my machine, downloaded, failed to install and is now not available

Thank you, much appreciated! I just upgraded a non-studio machine to 22H2 to test the general waters, and aside from some upgrade snags (more on that later), things work just fine.

Ha - so it might be Windows Update bugs, not Cubase bugs, we need to be concerned about :slight_smile:

A quick update: I updated a non-studio machine to 22H2 to test it out and ran into some snags. Just so that others don’t get caught in this, here’s what happened (and the solution):

I used the Windows Installation Assistant ( to download 22H2. After going through the upgrade process, 22H2 started up just fine. When checking Windows Update though, it wanted to install a cumulative update for 22H2, but when clicking on Download & Install for that update, it kept failing.

The solution is to download that update manually from Microsoft Update Catalog. Make sure to pick the “2022-09 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 Version 22H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5017321)” line.

Then install that update, reboot, and go back to Windows Update. It will still be hungry for that same update, but this time around, the download and install of that update succeeds, and voila, you’ll end up with a clean 22H2 installation that’s up to date.