Cubase 12.0.40 "forgets" certain VST plugins or license

Hi there,

Is anyone experiencing this issue as well?

This happens sporadically, when I simply start up Cubase, without any reason it asks me to re-activate my content and padshop licenses for the packs I have installed. It then cannot find a license and proceeds to take every content pack “offline”.

Another thing that happens is when opening Cubase and simply loading one of my projects - I get the “VST Plugins Missing” dialog - usually plugins I regularly use, such as Battery or Lounge Lizard.

Closing Cubase and re-opening usually resolves this issue.

I’m on Monterey / Mac Studio.

I don’t know about NI Battery, but the other issue will be the cubase licence dongle.

I have mine plugged into a Cadi attached to my mac and sometimes it does not read the usb properly.

C12 runs without dongle and uses the new digital licensing system. probably a glitch, I mean it’s new since V12 …

@dreikelvin C12 runs without the dongle but all the padshop content packs still require the dongle and that is, in part, what the OP is about.

There is a lot of software that still requires the dongle and we will not see it all migrated for a few months.

In case you noticed, I’m OP :stuck_out_tongue:

and no, even padshop runs without dongle now. I actually noticed that when I accidentally installed an older version of padshop and then found the newer update in the steinberg download manager. I am running Padshop completely without dongle.

this license quirk only happened once yesterday…might have been a temporary issue with the licensing server? not sure.

keeping an eye on that

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@dreikelvin aha sorry about that lol

Oh well not the same issue at all then. I have a few packs that are still on my dongle and not moved over for other instruments so sometimes i get a similar issue.

But it probably is just their new activation server playing up.

No further content activation problems but this still seems to pop up every now and then:

both of these plugins are VST2, not sure if that has to do with it as sometimes there are even more plugins “missing”.

what happened before this dialog came up though was that cubase had crashed coming from a big orchestral project with around 80 OPUS instances. after closing it and attempting to open a project containing only foley and dialog audio clips, cubase crashed. This happens quite often when I had a big score open using quite a bit of RAM and CPU.

Restarting cubase, I am greeted with this “VST’s missing…” dialog. So it could have to do with that as well…