Cubase 12.0.40 maintenance update available

Since I’m following all theses bad experiences from other users, I decided to do not update to 12.0.40.
This MIDI offset quantization behavior plus some users experiencing higher CPU loads than 12.0.40, are enough reasons, for me don’t update at all. In fact if I do that I would be actually downgrading instead of updating, at least for my needs.
12.030 is running great so far, some crashes here and that but not a big deal.
I’ll wait for the next update.

Switched to M1 MBP from old Intel-based Mac
Now low latency performance is not so bad, but I still see random spikes on ASIO meter. Will try to compare LLP behaviour with C11 which isn’t installed on a new Mac yet
Today I’ve got really strange bug. After importing a bunch of tracks with groups, fx, etc. from other project, these tracks became silent: no sound from each of them

And sometimes C12 crashes. Much more often, then on my old Mac

@AntonVorozhtsov to complicate things the C11 performance meters do not show the same thing as the C12 performance meters.

I think C11 is like an average of processing used at any given point and the newly designed C12 shows real time audio processing which is not the same. They look the same but they are not.

There is a post on here from C12 Devs that explains it better than I ever could.

C11 shows real-time performance in dedicated Performance Meter window. And it was waaaay more calm on my old MBP in C11 as LLP itself, I could monitor dozens of tracks with processing on minimal buffer size. In C12 it was unreal

In my case after update to 12.04.40 the software Cubase Pro crashes at opening almost everytime! Each time I have to force quit the programm and start once more. Sometimes it crashes two times in
a row. I am on Win 10 64 bit. This is a nightmare! I have never have a single issue with Cubase Pro 11 - not a single issue! I cannot work normally with version 12.


@AntonVorozhtsov like I said, they are NOT the same thing anymore. One of the C12 changes was to the performance meter. So you cannot compare C11 meter to C12 because they do not show the same thing.

This was the explanation from the Dev at Steinberg: Cubase 12 Upgrade ASIO-Guard Issue - #147 by Chriss

But here it what is says:

Our investigations here refer to audible performance issues with C12, where C12 is failing to playback the projects dropout-free, which played just fine in C11. Please consider when posting :heart:.

Just some remarks on the Performance Meter:

  • the redesigned Performance Meter in C12 is showing four values, aiming to give users a more detailed info about the system’s momentary load:
    Realtime: how much of the available time (in % of the real time latency, set by your audio buffer size) is consumed by real time processing? This value is averaged over several buffers, and therefor moving slowly. It gives an impression of the overall load of time-critical processing in your project.
    Asio Guard: how much of the available time (in % of the Asio Guard latency, set by the Asio Guard level Low/ Normal/ High) is consumed by prefetched (= non-real time) processing? This value is averaged over several Asio Guard buffers, and therefor moving slowly. It gives an impression of the overall prefetch load of your project.
    Peak: this value shows the recent maximum values of the time-critical processing; it gives an impression if there are load peaks, caused by - e.g. - certain instruments, song structure (plenty of Midi notes starting at the same time,…) or FX. This can help you find and omit certain bottle necks.
    It is not averaged, and can therefor look jumpy, especially with small real time buffers. It also reflects the jitter of your audio hardware. A heavy jitter can limit the performance with small buffer sizes.
    Disk Cache: showing the read/ write buffer fill level, referred to the max. throughput (you mostly only see it move on cursor relocate or playback start)

and here is the bit that is very different to C11 - It is not averaged, and can therefor look jumpy, whereas C11 was an average and therefore smoother…does not explain performance issues but does help when comparing.

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It’s almost as if they don’t even beta test the updates before releasing them. Especially something as obvious as the midi notes being off grid - how could that have possibly been overlooked?

No problem since yesterdays crash. I tried to recreate my last scenario multiple times but Cubase 12.0.40 kept running stable on my mac studio ultra. maybe it was just a quirk. loving the maintenance updates so far! :call_me_hand:

Yep i have the same issues on win 11. almost every time at opening cubase gets either stuck or crashes at different loading stages. without any crash dumps. usually i have to restart
my whole computer to get it working again.


I try to load a previous project- cubase freezes mid loading and the only way to close it is to force quit via windows task manager.
Same happens at quit. Cubase always gets stuck as a background process. And if you try to open it again- poof crash
Middle of a project- poof crash without any crash dumps. When i finally manage to start c12 again i get the grey screen(to delete preferences,…) and the top issue area where the issue (and crash dump) should be located is blank.

all my other audio software works without a glitch.

This has really been a nightmare since its release in March. Not a single version of c12 is usable for me. Ive tried too reinstall it from scratch several times but no dice. Ive been on board since v6 but now I give up, I have to much work to be troubleshooting for hours.

Please contact Steinberg Support if you’re facing any issues that you’ve not been able to fix yourself.

Make sure that the Steinberg Activation Manager is up to date ( or later) and that nothing is getting in the way of its operation (for example, an overzealous antivirus program). If you have plugins that still use the USB-eLicenser dongle, try connecting it directly to another USB port.

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So many bugs in Cubase 12 :frowning:
Really hope that they will be fixed soon and it will be stable… At this moment I am prefer to work in Cubase 11 Pro…

Everything is up to date.

I tried contacting support in the past and the quickest answer i got was after 31 days telling me to restart my computer. After that they stopped responding. So thanks but no thanks but the official support is useless. Also my country doesnt offer direct support so i had to sent it directly to info mail adress. ecause I cannot create a ticket in MySteinberg area.

Same here on Win 10 - almost everytime I open Cubase it gets stuck - sometimes force quit helps and re-open and sometimes I need to restart the whole computer. I am extremely dissapointed with version 12 so far.

Steinberg support is the pain… I am owner of Ableton live 11 as well… and they support is fast. And they always reply to your ticket. And regarding Steinberg again - it’s crazy that some countries can’t attach the ticket…

yup. I have ableton also. Their support is fast.they usually answer in a day or two.
I also never understood that policy regarding direct support unavailable in some areas. but thats Yamaha for you.

@Janko_Kezar can you open your eLicense and perform maintenance, does that all work fine ?

Did you update from the download manager or direct from the steinberg website ? if it was from their website you would need the latest activation manager download too.

I always use DL Manager. ELc is also latest with maintenance done.

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I think they have been more concerned about getting the M1 sorted and left us to get on with it . Piano rolls fine in .30 , ive not had any problems with .30 and don’t know why i updated really , i’ll sit back here until the forum comes up with positive feed back about 12’s new releases

Am I missing something or must I download the entire 12.0.40 application to upgrade, and if so why is this not explained Download Assistant or the announcement? There is nothing in Download Assistant that says Cubase 12 update. And am I supposed to reinstall all the other features? Can you please make you interface clear.

It’s a Cubase update. You just have to download Cubase. The Cubase installer can both install the DAW application from scratch or update an existing installation.