Cubase 12.0.50 Keeps showing Safe Mode Window on Start up

What is causing me to get the Cubase setup window (see attached image

) each time I start Cubase 12.0.50?
Crash Dump file also attached.
Cubase 64bit 2022.11.15 (1.0 MB)

Difficult to guess, seeing only the screenshots, and I’m not able to look into the .dmp file. But obviously, something has been corrupted in your preferences files. So, I would choose the Delete program Preferences option and see how things go from there.

Too bad for your eventual previous setting adjustments : the essential is to get your Cubase installation working again…

Before permanently deleting your preferences I would recommend to try the other option first: “disable preferences”, which will just temporarily disable the prefs for that Cubase session, and see whether that helps.


I agree with Fese about 'disabling ’ , it’s most likely to be a problematic plugin

Yes, disable prefs first to get in Cubase. I see it crashed “while executing the following file: Freeze”. What’s that freeze?


According to the freeze dump the file “msvcp140.dll” is the problem. That belongs to the Visual C++ Redistributable - Link to download “All in one” package here Visual C++ Redistributable Runtimes All-in-One (Nov 2022) Download | TechPowerUp

Install it and see if the freeze thingy vanishes

And best is to uninstall all the already installed Visual C++ versions.
A cause for this problem could be that some plugins install their own Visual C++ versions, sometimes a conflicting one.

Thanks for all your responses, folks! Much appreciated.

I’m a bit scared to reinstall all of the C++ Runtime dll files, because there are a ton of them and because other than that first window popping up on launch, everything works perfectly. However, I did do a search.
It seems there are 3 instances of “msvcp140.dll” on my music computer and all 3 are Steinberg related. 2 of them are in the Download Assistant (x86) folder and one is in the SpectraLayers 9 folder. Two are dated 8/25/2022 and one is dated 7/1/2022. , There are no updates for any of those apps themselves. Wouldn’t you think that installing the latest version of the app would include the latest version of the msvcp140.dll files?
Do you think it would be OK to only install the latest version of msvcp140.dll for those instances?
Thanks again!

The visualC+ update is really easy and trouble free, just extract the zip and run the bat file. It is made especially for cases like this.

Thanks vinark and to all who responded!

OK, I finally got the balls to attempt to fix this. I’ve run both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions of the Microsoft VC_redist.x64.exe. files. But I’m still having the same problem.
So I went to the link above (Visual C++ Redistributable Runtimes All-in-One (Nov 2022) Download | TechPowerUp)
and downloaded " Visual C++ Redistributable Runtimes All-in-One".
When running the “install_all.bat” file as Administrator I keep getting these errors:
“Windows cannot find 'vredist2005_86.exe. Make sure you typed the name correctly and then try again”.
Clicking “OK” to close that window makes the error window popup again and again for each of the vcredist files.
These files exist and are in the same folder as the “install_all.bat” file.
It seems that I will have to install each of the vcredist exe files separately but I thought I’d first post this to see if any of you had any suggestions before I make that attempt.
Thanks again to all!

OK, I think I have found a solution. I just launched Cubase 12 and didn’t get the dredded “Cubase 12.0.50 Keeps showing Safe Mode Window” problem. I did some research and one article mentioned turning off Fast Startup in the power settings of Windows 10. I did that and it seems to have fixed the problem. I’m going to check this for a few days and I will post if the problem happens again or if it seems to be fixed.
BTW, I’m not on a laptop.
Thanks again!

Did you run the bat file as admin?

Yes I did.

Latest Crash dump. Any help is appreciated!
Cubase 64bit 2022.11.29 (1.4 MB)