Cubase 12.0.50 maintenance update now available

I did update and everything work fine.
Thanks Cubase team
However still the issue about 61 SL MK3 script

I was trying to decide whether to upgrade to Cubase 12, but it seems it’s still flakey, so I’ll wait for 13 I think.


Cubase will always be “same” as stable. It can work well or badly on your computer.

Steinberg has been a bit “strange” for a few years, it seems.

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I just updated last night. I still have ASIO Guard issues. If I run as administrator and set the asio guard to high, I can get my modest session to play. The asio guard is still almost peaking though.

Dell Precision Laptop
i9 vpro 9th gen
32gb ram
windows 10

Hi there,
since the 0.50 update my BCR2000 GR script, written by @Giampaolo_Gesuale , doesn’t work anymore.

I have deleted all relevant files, re-imported the script, re-assigned the MIDI I/O, restarted Cubase after … all of this several times …

Don’t know what’s left to do. The BCR2000 is seen by Cubase and marked as connected. However, whatever button I press or knob I turn, there’s no reaction in the MIDI Remote.
Still, when I change tracks, the MR manger sees the change of track?

Anybody able to help? Is this a newly introduced bug?


P.S.: What’s even stranger is, if I move a fader with the mouse, the LED’s on the BCR follow??? Like if there’s only one direction of communication.

Got a quick reply from Steinberg support:

“The wdmaud.drv freeze is a known issue our developers are working on”

Looks like this one will be fixed!

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Really hope so. And will be nice to have it in the version 12.0.60, not in 13…


Welp, here we go again.
Time to spend another down day on resetting all my preferences because now Steinberg believes thats OUR responsibility.

Sure, every update…back up blah blah.
Well guess what, they even break that because for some insane reason every time there’s an update and our settings get trashed there something that makes the backups incompatible so there’s always something that won’t port over because it’s now broken.

I found older settings but in this instance it refuses to port over the names and config so that means renaming all my inputs and busses again, all my instruments, my controller names AND configurations…all of it…broken.

Sometimes in some updates it goes 100% smoothly but this is now a normal routine in Cubase and it’s been here for quite a few versions and the fact that it’s the basic of things in any DAW makes it frustrating especially because sometimes for some users it does work.
I will ask again.
How does the onus of this now fall on us?

ANYONE @ steinberg please chime in on this one cause I’m really at my wits end…

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Ive found a way around this sort of behaviour , i just don’t update my OS , if the OS was stable for the last point update then i don’t bother as in my case things only really break with an OS update with the point update

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ftr, I never updated my OS… only the maintenance update.
Also, not updating isn’t really an option considering how many people have things that aren’t working…
Kinda proves my point on the tediousness of the whole thing.

Hello to everyone. I heard that Nuendo is more stable than Cubase. Is it true? Maybe time to switch to Nuendo from Cubase?

Thats updating your OS (unless you mean the Cubase update ?)and what normally breaks my system on Point releases as i stated .
Cubase 12.0.50 works flawlessly here , remembered all settings, nothing changed it’s more stable than 30 on my system, but i do agree that we are going back to the old days of it being a risky business to update, but what can Steinberg do , buy every Cpu, motherboard and setup every configuration known to man to test ?
Somethings not right somewhere if two systems built on the same spec are having different issues or not .
Win maintenance updates are a nightmare , ive turned mine off and have total control on what goes on and when with my machine and touch wood it reflects in the way Cubase runs

And i forgot to mention my OS is 8 years old

it’s, essentially, the same

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It used to be on a different update cycle so that it would contain cumulative updates that had first been in the live build of Cubase. The delay would make it reportedly more stable… But it’s no different than just hanging back on Cubase updates.

But it’s basically the same as Cubase plus extras and I beleive even the update cycle is identical now. i.e. they received version 12.0.50 same time as us.

Third party plugins are the biggest factor in how stable a DAW is.

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Yeah. I know about 3rd plugins. But I haven’t so much. And probably try to use more stock plugins as well

I really appreciate Steingberg effort. I was back to Cubase 11 cause I was lossing too much time dealing with issues. (Spectralayers functionability, ramdon freezes on quit and on start, stability issues and so on…) I tried again, but no, the most of them aren’t solved. I’m a little pissed off cause I have paid for the upgrade but I get only problems. So, I will remain on 11 which works very good. So sad, I’m registered Cubase user since 1994 (AtariFalcon) and this is the first time I think to switch. Hopefully the issues will be solved soon, I would love it, I mean it.

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  • FIXED -

I don’t know why, but I had a look at all the .js scripts in my user’s document folder (Documents\Steinberg\Cubase\MIDI Remote\User Settings) and opened the “blockeddrivers.json”.

Indeed the BCR2000 ports were added to that list.
Erased the corresponding lines, saved the file and voilà, it’s working again.

@Jochen_Trappe : any idea how this happened?

Cheers to all :wink:

Installed the update, unfortunately this version has become unreliable on my system. Cubase will completely shut down intermittently, while playing back my current projects, including a new one I created today.

Crash dump attached.

Cubase 64bit 2022.11.8 (1.1 MB)

I would recommend downloading the trial version and deciding by yourself. There’s plenty of people running Cubase 12 without issues.

Based on the feedback so far, 12.0.50 seems to be working fine for most people. I would recommend either starting a new topic providing more details about your issues or contacting Steinberg Support.

This crash dump points towards Kontakt 6. Please make sure that the plug-in and your libraries are updated.

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