Cubase 12.0.50 maintenance update now available

I totally agree when it comes down to the most basic of things as you say Exporting , Note alignment ect these require immediate attention .
It looks to me as thou Cubase is starting to go in a different strange ‘programmers software’ direction instead of music creation .
Break what works for the real world users to keep the programmers happy but at the same time take our money for those features that are broken .
Sorry going into one again :grin:


no need to apologise - I’m in total agreement !

As you said that, the new performance bar came to my mind. I imagine a programmer working really hard to add these new separate meters for Real-Time, ASIO Guard and Peak, which look fantastic and useful on paper, but change the default behavior of a basic functionality which had been like that since forever.

As a public beta you mean? I think that would be great personally. We’re beta testing final releases that have glaring errors already - The only difference with releasing public betas is that we can positively feedback on a formal basis without this constant defensive stance that many people throw in your face when raising an issue with a live build.

It also allows users who are suffering with issues to jump on the beta as a ‘quickfix’ option.

Think it’s a no brainer personally.

A massive positive improvement would be to unique ID fixes that can be linked and discussed in a far more formal fashion than splattergun approaches.

Ahh sorry i never made myself clear enough, anything working behind the scenes to improve the system behaviour i agree with even if it takes a few point updates to get it right but what i really meant is if you look round the Remote Forum it’s full of script programmers and i feel the way the Patch was worded it was aimed more towards them so they could carry on creating their own scripts instead of CUBASE users of all verities being able to plug and play their controllers

I don’t know, you sort of need Beta tests to be a controlled study, otherwise the devs get inundated with bs reports from people who did some weird mobo tweak, or didnt match their RAM speeds properly, or haven’t updated their OS or drivers in 3 years.

Then you have resources wasted, and end up with more bugs.

There’s too many variables, there’s just always going to be bugs. It is the law of software.

It’s not like we in the audio industry haven’t know for 30 years - get your system working, don’t update anything, unplug the internet. Literally one of the first things I learned in AE school.

I have bought 12, but I use 11 because it is absolutely stable and that’s more important than having the latest version for me. Once 13 is released, I can choose between 12 and 13… and I’ll probably use 12. I usually stay a year behind, which always seems to keep me grooving.

I mean, it doesn’t really change anything does it? If they do the beta program you want… well… you’re just going to be dealing with the bugs in that beta - potentially - more bugs than what you are dealing with now…

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Yes, but this is public beta I’m talking about.

i.e. pre C12 would have the closed beta testing program, after that point of live release they can release weekly, bi-weekly, monthly updates (whatever the private testers get) for those who want to opt in and provide feedback on features discovered in the wild.

Otherwise, we have the situation between 12.0.40 and 12.0.50 - 3 month wait for issues that were probably fixed within the first month of that cycle.

I don’t rely on Cubase to make money, but if I did I would like to have the option for hotfixes and not having to wait months when elements such as MIDI events are off-grid. In fact, that would be a very critical aspect for me.


that wasn’t specifically a call for a public beta program - but I think it makes sense - although weekly might be a bit too much :slight_smile:

Personally I don’t feel the current system is working particularly well and something needs to change - we did have a public beta program some years ago.


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Sounds chaotic, they want very particular skills from beta testers - people who apply reductionism, understand proper troubleshooting ethic, process of elimination, etc. They don’t want the wild characters on this forum beta testing for them, or people who just post “arggghagnkadg this doesn’t work, performance is worse, goodbye… or badbye, Im going to Ableton”.

I do agree getting more frequent updates would be nice - but - I also know that a program like Cubase with legacy code is not as easy to update as a newer DAW.

I think Steinberg does a pretty good job to be honest, I mean, you guys are opting in for the public beta, even if it’s paid. There are paid video games that have been in beta for 5 years. New Call of Duty was released and it’s crashing to desktop all the time for people who have the highest end rigs. This is complicated sh!t, I don’t think the beta program you are imagining will do as much good as you think it would.


also, I think we did have a faster rate of updates this round didn’t we? 6 or 7? since January? I’m pretty sure that’s more than what we usually get.

A public beta (preview?) channel does not mean opening up two way discussion or bug reporting directly to Steinberg. That’s why the closed/trusted beta testing exists, as current.

It purely allows users to jump on to hotfixes/latest builds which may contain fixes critical to their work and discuss it more formally via beta/preview tags on here. This is what most companies do already, as they learnt long ago that cycling around the same group of testers can easily become an echo chamber.

Whether Steinberg, or trusted testers want to read and use external feedback is their prerogative. Key aspect is that the end user gets access to minor/quick fixes which could be causing them frustration to wait 3 months for.

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Maybe, like I said, we got more updates this time around, so who knows. Last C11 update was .41. I wouldn’t expect any changes in paradigm until the license transition is complete and Halion 7 is released.

on a side note, if the ones ending in 1 are the last update (?) that means Cubase 13 is next…? or maybe the ones ending in .x1 are just a hotfix

just a hotfix

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just to loop back on this.

I’m willing to bet that this is what happens when you release other (basically untested!) patches in a ‘hotfix’ release

? Sorry, that doesn’t make any sense!

Ok,just check the forum…

Hi Matthias,

Where it reads:

“We have improved the automatic replacement of plug-ins in older projects when newer plug-in generations are available”

I had an issue just today with 12.0.40… before applying the 12.0.50 patch.

I have a project using Arturia Matrix-12 VSTi with a custom patch. They published a minor update to the plug. I installed that. I re-opened the same CPR… and… the patch is totally changed. Quite unexpected.

Is that what you mean by this improvement in 12.0.50?



This is in the 12.0.51 release.

Could someone please tell me the official way to report a bug in Cubase V12.0.50?
Thank You

Please follow these instructions:
How to report a “BUG” in Cubase

You can also report them directly to either Steinberg Support or your local Yamaha/Steinberg distributor, but it’s a good idea to post them on this forum first so other users can confirm the issue.

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