Cubase 12.0.50 maintenance update now available

All thou i agree with you on this, bashing Steinberg for a software you’re not even using the version your talking about is just picking a fight.

I bit the bullet like i normally do and i can report i’m not having the issues SO FAR that forced me baCK to 30 and if the reports are right about potentially having pages of quick controls on the Vsti’s , thats a great step forward BUT please Steinberg ,with all these great inovations don’t take you eye of the stuff that made your name , that just makes you look stupid .

Thanks ,finally for the update

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This is about keeping a positive mind and appreciate the hard work done by the steinberg team. Software development is hard, and it takes a lot of effort and commitment to fix bugs (and also proper bug reports which are on us).

Every single piece of software I use(d) have bugs, of course it depends on the complexity, which is very high for a DAW.

Beauty! Running without issue on my M1 MacBook Pro with Ventura. Super snappy.


Yeah, super snappy until you came across one of those bugs that makes it freeze or crash :slightly_smiling_face:

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Are you employed by another Daw company as a saboteur ?


super snappy until you came across one of those bugs that makes it freeze or crash

I noted (in my own recent experience on PCs that I now use instead of my macs) that sometimes the problem is in the system and when you fix it (e.g. BIOS config (especially with TB devices), Windows 21H2 oor 22H2 proper updates…) there are not any freeze that I could reproduce anymore except some plugins making it hang on exit.
It is a fact that Cubase is very sensitive to plugin design quality, and not very tolerant about them, but note that tolerance has often a cost in performance.

This is a bad joke, right? Surely you’re aware of all the excellent volunteer work Louis is doing here for Steinberg?
By and large, Steinberg should be really thankful for all the support and work this community is supplying. Most people in here love their Cubendo and will spend hours every week supporting other users, writing detailed bug reports as well as providing some fantastic ideas of improvements. It comes as no surprise to me that there is a sense of disappointment when these efforts go unacknowledged.


Yeah I use telepathy to induce bugs in software, that’s well known :sweat_smile:
And if I ever was working for another company, or I was working at all, I wouldn’t have time to spend 2 to 6 hours a day on this forum. Simple as this.

Thanks for your support @mlindeb .


Speaking of which, just try this one. Tell me if it doesn’t freeze.
How in the world would a system update or BIOS settings affect bugs the are occurring inside a specific software ?

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I don’t use (or need) this feature, and this is probably the case of many composers and musicians that know a bit about music theory.

In all cases, I am not saying that there is no issue anymore (it will never be the case even in future Cubase V42 or Protools V84 or any other DAW).

But take a developer (as I am BTW) perspective, what would you fix first?

Things that your users (I noted that we have very highly musically educated users in the Steinberg world for some reason) really see and/or use often first…

I actually meant a publicity saboteur and if you are spending that long on the forum just to highlight bugs i suggest taking time out before there is no time to take out . Lives short , live it !

He’s not only finding bugs, he’s also helping other users, giving tips and writing howto’s and so on. What are you doing except being condescending?


Sorry , and you are ?

If you really think that, you sure don’t know what you are talking about. Louis is one of the few, who spends an unbelievable amount of time reporting issues and finding their roots here on the forum. And all that as precisely as it gets.


@fese is a helpful user and a valuable active member of this forum as well.

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Thanks Steinberg! everything is working fine so far…


You really do need to do some homework before making comments like that. Louis_R has proved to be very knowledgeable about and commited to this product.

I had a bad problem in CB12 which was knocking out all my audio interface setup when I just changed latency settings. I couldn’t work.

No one else seemed to suffer the same problem or had even heard about it.

Within a couple of hours Louis_R came back to me voluntarily with not a fix, but with a perfect workaround which allowed me to continue working.

We should all appreciate people like that and not take them for granted.

I do agree it’s high time that Steinberg made much more progress on many important and longstanding bugs instead of using up dev time bringing new features to the product.

There is some strange culture at Steinberg which seems to make them not listen to their customers intensly enough, or at least not act on what they hear.

We are all reduced to hoping the next update will be the good one, and relying on Matthias_Qellmann and people like Louis_R to be able to continue to use the product.

That simply should not be the case. Someone in a position of power at Steinberg either doesn’t care about product management and customers, or is blind to the issues which are regularly discussed in this forum.

Those type of people often either get replaced, or drag the company down with them. Let’s hope it’s not the latter.

As an ex-dev, I tremble at the complexity of programming and fault-finding a product as complex as Cubase, but the never ending list of bugs is their own fault for continually adding complexity over the years without taking a step back to fix what they already have.

I know they have to sell product to survive in the marketplace, but it would seem that one concerted effort to sort it out properly would be a wise investment at this time. Users have become cynical and are starting to give up hope that many of these bugs will ever be fixed.

Steinberg need to take note and focus on what is really important right now.


Since the beginning of time, well, Cubase 12.0 anyway, my Nektar Impact LX88+ never mapped well with the Midi Remote. Either Cubase mapping lost functions, QC didn’t work as expected, transport controls sometimes didn’t connect, etc.

I decided to give Midi Remote another looksee with 12.0.50. Interestingly, I can now map the keyboards faders and rotary knobs, and they work fine, but Midi Remote doesn’t recognize the transport controls, as if they’re a separate entity from the faders and rotaries. At least Cubase still responds to them anyway.

Impact LX88+ has two midi outputs through the one USB channel and I suppose the transports and faders use different midi outs.

It’s great to finally see this update. I was hoping to get more bug fixes.
I’VE BEEN SENDING crash logs for the past months, 3 times per day! :joy:

Still experiencing those crashes pretty much on every lunch: Cubase crashes, then I relaunch and then it works. Could those be addressed please? It’s always about that “” crashes.

Thanks for your help!

12.0.50 working really well here so far. Thumbs up!
(I’m on W10 pro 21H2)

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