Cubase 12.0.50 with Novation Zero sl mk2

Just wondering if anyone has had any success mapping the Novation Zero mk2 with the Midi remote editor. I can get the Faders and knobs to react but not the display , buttons or pads .

Any help would be great

Hi, in case you are still looking for a solution …

I recently bought an SL Mk2 and after some trouble I got it running.

I am on Windows 11, Cubase 12 and it’s the standard SL Mk2, so depending on what system you are using this may or may not work for you.

There are two ways, which worked for me:

A) the Novation automap software is still running under Windows 11
You can download it from their site: SL MkII | Novation Downloads (

Important: after the installation you need to go to your Studio Setup - Devices and add a new device, here you hopefully will find the Novation Automap.

Once I found out about that and added it to my devices, it worked like a charm, the complete mixer bank is mapped to the SL automatically, showing three letters from the track names.

Also the setup of the plugins works amazingly well, with a very few exceptions.
Please, find the Manual of how to set things up in the same download section at Novation.

B) the second possiblity is setting up templates via professional mode. I am using it for the plugins which did not work with automap.
Novation offers the: SL MK2 Template Editor, download again at the link above.

With this software you can set specific Midi Channels for each control on the SL, upload it to the controller and then you can map those out in Cubase.
You also can specify a name for each of these controls, which will be shown on the controller.
Further you can make additional templates by choosing different Midi Channels.

The one thing I didn’t find out is how to get these templates to show the track name from Cubase, as the automap software does. If anyone knows how this is done, please let me know.

I hope at least one of the above methods will work for you.

Good Luck!

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Hi Robbi
Sorry for the late reply but ive actually had some time to spend with the Zero mk2 and ive done as you said , downloaded the editor and found that all pads and buttons were off by default in a template . Im still diving into it but it does seem like a very capable controller with the New Midi Remote , being able to rename the functions is a god send , it would be great is Steinberg could implement two way coms with the zero , im sure someone with some know how in scripting would find it a breeze , but for a start it’s working well , what would be brilliant is if there’s a way to link the pages of the zero with the pages of the MR so when you swap one the displays auto adjust with them .
Cheers for your input and advice