Cubase 12.0.52 maintenance update available

Good job!
Now - with 12.0.52 - my PreSonus Faderport works fine.

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thanks steinberg team

I think it’s a good idea to have quick updates as a optional update that fixes one or two problems or issues
or adds one or two features, as Microsoft does,
and a major update every 6 months

Until we reach a completely stable version, and this helps people to test the application,
sometimes my problem is different from the problem of other members

Good work, I hope we will get a full stable version soon and get some features
Long requested here on the forum
-Such as stopping scroll the mouse from controlling the mixer by placing a lock button on top of the mixer
-more cue mix to control room
-ability to change the sizes of some windows and toolbars and re-design them
In every Microsoft update, they redesign a single window interface, from legacy to modern
and new task manager design and a lot of small changes .

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Any others having issues with audio connection assignment causing crash and freeze in Cubase 12 and nuendo I’m aware of two others

@Matthias_Quellmann AHA! With the recent Cubase update 12.0.52 my Nektar Panorama P1 is suddenly back with full function! Apparently there was a problem with MIDI controller handling? I am amazed that this has been fixed! Thanks (finally) Steinberg!


Loading of the Plugins Alliances are now immediate Thanks Steinberg for this release 12.0.52 !!! :slight_smile:

@ Matthias_Quellmann

In this update, have you addressed the problem of Auto-Save not saving in the assigned time?

Auto-Save not working properly / Cubase !2 - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

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First post pretty clearly states what was and wasn’t included…

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Installed this release. No change for me as compared to 12.0.51. I am running MacOS Ventura on M1 Ultra. Runs very stable!

Really hope they could fix Retrologe 2 patch saving with the next release :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been unable to assign attributes to my patches since C12 came out. Must be some quirk in Retrologe and Padshop.

I, myself, am nervous about upgrading from 12.0.50 since this version is ultra-stable. It’s one of those “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” things, and 12.0.50 works fine. My controller, a Nektar Impact LX88+, has full functionality, that’s why I I’m staying with 12.0.50.

Haven’t heard of the wdmaud freeze bug (Windows audio driver)?

This new update fixed my issues with the Novation Impulse buttons crashing Cubase in 12.0.51.

The info highlighted below are my observations using the Impulse with Midi Remote,not with the update.
On the Impulse ,I had to change some cc buttons to different types.
The changing maps ,I have the button set as type MTY instead of t9L.
With cc button type t9L ,I had to press the button twice to change maps in Midi Remote,with it changed to MTY,now the button only needs a single press.

Other Midi Remote mappings work better with cc number type t9L.
Just test them and change to MTY or vice versa.

Make sure to use these CC numbers
MIDI CC 14-15
MIDI CC 20-31
MIDI CC 85-90
MIDI CC 102-119 TRANSPORT (112-117)
on the buttons of the Impulse as they are unassigned.
My Impulse after powering, set a button to cc number 64 which is assigned to the sustain pedal of the KB so if I hit that button,Cubase would crash.
The transport buttons can be left alone as they are unassignable buttons and have no conflicts.

After the update ,nothing has stopped working,all good.

TY Steinberg.

Faderport v1 or v2?
I had problem with my V1 and disconected it 2 months ago. Is it really back now?
I used old native driver.

no - I’m not aware of any other NEW bugs in 12.0.51 that were not in 12.0.50

if you were having Windows Audio Driver issues (why not use ASIO?) in 12.0.51 then it’s likely that it was there in previous versions as no changes were made to that area.


Faderport v1 or v2?
I had problem with my V1 and disconected it 2 months ago. Is it really back now?

Faderport V2.
I bought it three weeks ago.

I would only move to 12.0.52 if you work with Dolby Atmos exports. There’s no advantage otherwise, .51 was a fix for that, and .52 was a fix for an issue in .51. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget that 12.0.52 also includes the “automatic replacement of plug-ins in older projects when newer plug-in generations are available” feature that was first introduced in 12.0.51.

has anybody actually seen that working ? - AFAIK Kontakt is the only one supporting that (?) - and probably only people with K7 installed who also remove K6 would see this ?

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I have an old Faderport v1 as well that keeps disconnecting when using the proprietary driver. Presonus has discontinued the v1, as I’m sure you know, and when asked, does not seem at all interested in updating the v1 driver.
My findings are that it disconnects when adding plugins to your project. What plugins, where and when, causes the disconnect, I’m not sure. It seems almost random. Both native and 3rd party plugins seem to trigger the disconnect, but not all and not always.
One workaround is to use the Mackie protocol. I didn’t find it reliable and not all the buttons gets mapped.