Cubase 12.0.52 maintenance update available

They don’t care , this is about an issue for the new scriptor customers and no other bugs have been fixed . Fact !

Cubase 12.0.30 is the stable version…

Awesome! Thanks for the quick update!

I’m surprised that happened from what I understood this post Cubase automatically replaces some plug-ins used in old projects? - #6 by steve , and others in that thread to say.

Maybe posting on that thread (which is specifically about this feature) will get you some help.

I’d think (??) Cubase 12.0.50 is the stable version if MIDI remote etc. is not being used?

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yep, can confirm no other changes in 12.0.52.

Still bricks itself (freezes) on random goes of opening the program, and when it does, it occurs after a few seconds every time.

Thank you Steinberg, we appreciate the fast updates, no matter how small.


If you’re using the Komplete Kontrol plugin to load Kontakt, that is not a problem of Cubase but in Komplete Kontrol itself.

This update seems to solved an issue I was seeing with the Waves Studio Rack plugin. Before the update it was causing odd CPU spikes in the monitor which fluctuated wildly, but now the monitor is stable.

The v12.0.52 has resolved the loading of the Plugin Alliances and I have still my anti-virus/firewall soft, so it was not due to him :wink: Now the loading of a Plugin Alliance is immediate !!! let’s go Steinberg still another little effort for the loading of Waves plugins and the V12 will rock us !!! :heart_eyes:

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No issue with Waves plugins here. I use the SSL E V2 channel strip on every track, and the G bus compressor (or the API2500) lives on my master bus in every project as well.

12.0.50 is stable but not as stable as 12.0.30. in my experience.

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After upgrading the NI Komplete to version 14, some features in Cubase 12 PRO began to work with a long delay, as if they were frozen. This is felt especially in MediaBay, HUB, when choosing some VST instruments, e.g. Halion, Groove Agent This problem also occurs when saving presets. Reinstalling the entire system does not help. How to solve this problem?

Thank you Steinberg. Seamless update, plays old projects without a hitch so far, and if I’m not mistaken my cpu usage has dropped? Great stuff.


Is it my imagination, or in this latest version of Cubase 12.0.52 :

1.- This version of Cubase fills up the Disk Cache faster for some reason? I find it absurd that in a 55 tracks work where half are audios and the other half are VSTs, the disc “fills up” so quickly, it’s not like my computer resources are consumed so soon, when I have works with 200 tracks (which by the way I have not opened in this new version of Cubase) I can’t imagine the problem I will face if this happens in a work that consumes so little resources…

2.- Some of the presets that one saves in Cubase for the plugins do not appear after saving them and trying to load them?

If this is happening, I think developers should have waited a little bit to test the update before releasing it, I think this instead of an upgrade looks like a BETA test unfortunately …

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how can I go back to version 12.0.51?.. the problem with the Disk Cache is just terribly annoying, and it doesn’t let me work properly! seriously developers should have at least checked this before releasing a maintenance update on a major Cubase version!

This hotfix has no changes besides fixing the MIDI remote crashing issue. You’re likely experiencing an entirely unrelated problem specific to this project. Why don’t you try playing back one of your previous projects?