Cubase 12.0.60 bug(s) - Bounce selection in mono only, and unreliable channel linking


Has anybody else noticed a few bugs arise since updating cubase 12 to 12.0.60?

When using “Bounce Selection”, it operates as normal on mono channels, however when doing the same on stereo tracks (with only stereo audio in there) , it bounces stereo audio down to mono. Have tried making a fresh new stereo track and copying the audio there and still bounces down in mono. “Render in place” doesn’t have the same issue.

Never did that before the update and can confirm the same project behaves correctly when opened in Cubase 11 - When highlighting mono and stereo channels, they are bounced down respectively. Is it a new setting I’m missing?

Also, channel linking seems to be broken in pre-existing projects - Ive found that it will still say channels are linked, (inserts, sends, volume etc) but any changes to parameters are not reflected across the linked channels. Unlinking and relinking solves this in the meantime but that’s no good.

Running Rosetta on a Mac Studio M1 Max

Doesn’t happen here, for both issues, sorry…

  1. Bounce selection : even with different stereo audio events, the Bounce selection command work as expected, whether I use the Replace option or not, and, in the pool, the bounced event is displayed and available as a stereo item one in the latter case.

  2. Link channels : I have only tested this with instrument tracks, but when linking 6 or 7 such tracks with Volume, Pan and Record/Monitor options, saving the project and quitting Cubase, I retrieve exactly the same ‘Link’ parameters, active as expected, after having reloaded the project. Unfortunately, I don’t have any project with linked channels previously done before the 12.0.60 installation : it’s a feature that I seldom use and always in a temporary way.

Beside this, have you tried to launch Cubase in safe mode, deactivating the preferences ?

EDIT - Few corrections and, FWIW, tests done on a Windows Pro 10 (22H2) / RME Fireface UCX (USB) / Cubase Pro 12.0.60 based system. Forgot to mention it previously…

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Cannot confirm for PC 12.0.60.


Hi, cubase bounces to mono if you have first a mono clip on that stereo track.