Cubase 12.0.70 and Melodyne 5 ARA - crossfades still not working

This issue has been posted here for years but that doesn’t hold me back from trying another time since this is a huge dealbreaker for everyone working with Melodyne in Cubase.

  1. Creating an audio track
  2. Record two or more takes on several lanes
  3. Comp the takes togehter
  4. Apply crossfades to consecutive events
  5. Load Melodyne as a track extension

→ the crossfades are not being recognized by Melodyne and are not audible anymore, resulting in cracks and clicks.

I already contacted Celemony and they told me the issue was on the side of Cubase.

One workaround is rendering the comp before applying Melodyne. But that takes away the whole point of the ARA functionality - being able to tune while still being at the comping process. Another workaround is to work with fade ins/fade outs (either in Melodyne or in Cubase) but it is a much bigger effort to get smooth transitions than with crossfades.

Please Steinberg have this issue fixed! This would mean a lot for all the Melodyne users.
Other DAWs - even Reaper - have the crossfade functionality implemented in ARA.



I don’t experience this issue on my system (macOS Ventura 13.5 Beta 4). Could you show this issue in a video (with sound)?

I don’t have the time to do a video but I got this confirmed by the Celemony support and there are lots of threads as well from years ago describing this issue.

Must be a Windows problem then…

No, Mac OS Monterey

Got it. I’d say to add this and other relevant information about your audio/midi setup, but I guess you don’t have time for this either…

If there are lots of threads from years ago describing this issue, then maybe you can point me to one that is in video format?

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I’m not wasting my precious time just to prove some guy on the internet wrong. If Steinberg asks me for a video I gladly do it . This is not even a bug, it’s a functionality that is not implemented and even Celemony’s support confirmed that to me.

Why did you post on this forum then? (if you want only Steinberg employees to help you with this issue).

On my computer, crossfades (on audio events set to Melodyne 5 extension) work. Thus, the problem must be somewhere else.

Update: Crossfades which are applied BEFORE loading Melodyne seem to work. Only crossfades that are applies after Melodyne is already loaded are ignored.


Ok. Now I see the problem. Thanks for specifying this detail.

This might not be helpful, but is there a ‘refresh data’ type function/button within Melodyne.?

Unfortunately no. In other DAWs (I tested Reaper and Studio One) the crossfades are always being recognized, so there is also no need for a function like that if ARA is implemented properly.

Ok I see… As ever, they’ll need a Support ticket for visibility.

Came here late to say that this is still broken to this day. I have even DELETED audio events that had Melody ARA date in them, and they still play ? Even if the audio is literally completely gone. This ARA thing has been a big waste of my time considering I almost always have to redo it all in Melodyne the “regular” way.

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Hate to jump in here… But, yea the workflow of ARA is so troubling and feels unreliable. And I don’t know where else to look for an answer as seems like it is a problem on my end… with the following:

Is there a known issue with using the FADE TOOL in Melodyne as well in ARA with Cubase on Windows? If I fade out or use amplitude for that matter on a breath, it visually is reduced or disappears to 0 but is still heard…!