Cubase 12.0.70 does not generate dmp files

I’m having a lot of freezes opening Cubase and closing it. When you go to the Crash Dumps folder, there is no file generated.

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Hi, if on windows there is a procedure here posted by @Martin.Jirsak that should enable you to generate a dump file.


Hi @SurrealistBunny. Why do other older versions of Cubase normally generate the dmp file without this procedure? It didn’t work here for me. I need to find out why I’m having these freezes.

Because as you say it’s a freeze and not a crash. Freezes usually create 0 size files or none.
Download and run the procdump to generate one that can be analyzed as to the source of your freeze.

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I was able to generate a dmp file. Can anyone tell the cause of the problem?

Ok I am getting this:

can you just upload it here or at least give access to everyone? :roll_eyes:

Can you see what the cause of the problem is?

I am editing this since I saw that you uploaded a different crash dumb. I can only see cubase being the problem here but maybe someone more experienced can take a look…

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I’m always having these freezes. Anyone else having these problems? Can someone from Steinberg support analyze the dmp file I sent?

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Still happening to me from last teo months or so.
Is it fix on your side yet?