Cubase 12 & 11 crashing on Mac m1 Ultra

Having just upgraded my Mac so as I can run Ventura and finally use cubase 12, I’m getting really fed up with the constant crashing.

I have started from a fresh new install, so all plugins are 100% up to date
I’m running in rosetta mode at the moment and get about 5 minutes into a project and for no reason I’m getting crashes. I’ve tried both Cubase 11&12, same issue.

Does anyone here have any knowledge regarding crash reports and could kindly steer me in the correct direction? I’m losing hair lol.

Cubase 11-2023-05-17-205936.ips (109.6 KB)
Cubase 11-2023-05-17-204638.ips (127.8 KB)
Cubase 12-2023-05-16-233011.ips (82.4 KB)
Cubase 12-2023-05-16-225822.ips (109.2 KB)

The crashlog points to the Serum plug-in. Get in touch with the developers of it.

Thanks for the reply.

Are all logs pointing to that? I only had one crash while that was opened.


OK, 3 out of 4 crashed because of serum and one crash happened in a plug-in named “MIDISynth-Kyra”.

Thank you so much, I’ll try uninstalling that plugin and see how it goes.

Thanks again buddy.