CUBASE 12/13 hanging and crashing

I installed CUBASE 12 and LE13 in my Mac mini M2 / Ventura 13.6.7 and they just hang for minutes for every step to open and then I have to close them while being unresponsive, if they don’t crash. I’ve been reading this forum trying to find the answer but no one seems to have this problem. In the e-licenser usb it shows as Cubase 11 ¿¡!? after th upgrade. I reinstalled it several times and deleted aplications from other brands but nothing happens. I’m tired. I paid even for the complete CUBASE 13 program but I’m afraid it doesn´t work either. It’s been two months I’m enable to work. Desperate and considering to change for another DAW. I’d apreciate your tips. Thanks.

The licensing system changed starting with Cubase 12 and no longer uses the eLicenser. You still need the eLicense if you want to run older versions.

You need to use the new licensing system which doesn’t use a dongle at all. It allows you to register the same product on up to 3 computers at once. You do need to have an active internet connection to activate on a computer, but not to use Cubase. Go to your My Steinberg account and download the Steinberg Activation Manager.

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Captura de pantalla 2024-05-23 a la(s) 22.19.39
Captura de pantalla 2024-05-23 a la(s) 22.27.11
Thanks. I did it. It’s ok in the activation manager. It keeps hanging and get stuck for large minutes in every step. Any idea?